Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Over the Counter Acne Treatments – Know What You’re Getting Into by Laurel Levine

Before simply going out and buying one of the many topical over the counter acne treatments you might want to examine what is in these products. You can rely to some extent on the information that is given to you in acne skin care products reviews, but you probably still need to dig a little deeper in order to get the honest truth about the products. You need to know about everything that is in them.

You are going to have to break down what it is that these acne treatments contain, what role they are to play in the elimination of your acne, and what the possible side effects of each of these ingredients are. What most of us don’t realize when we begin using these formulas is that the compounds they contain can be extremely hard on your skin. It is much better to know what these compounds are capable of before you purchase the product.

Watch out for skin care products reviews that either fails to list the ingredients that a formula contains, or that have a link for you to buy the product. These sites are supposedly there to provide you with information, and them not providing a list of ingredients is always a bad sign. If you can buy products directly from the review page than you can’t trust what the review says, because they will tell you anything just to make some money.

I ran across a site today describing what the reviewer says is the best of the acne treatments currently available, but the ingredients in the product say something distinctly different. There is even a guarantee that the formula will not produce reddish skin, and yet reddening of the skin is the proven side effect of three out of the six ingredients. Needless to say this is one appraisal you cannot put much faith in.

Skin care products reviews like this one will not inform you that the ingredients in the formula cause redness, irritation, dry skin, flaking, and sensitivity to the sun. They want to sell you on the positive attributes of the selected formula, and that is all. I don’t care how effective a product is at ridding the skin of acne if it causes many different issues I wasn’t suffering from before.

What you should do instead of relying on over the counter acne treatments, is seek out an all natural formula that contains ingredients effective in fighting the disease. Natural compounds that will reduce the level of inflammation in the skin and kill the bacterium that causes it include Jojoba oil, Phytessence Wakame kelp extract, Shea butter, and Babassu wax.

Make no mistake about it. Honest skin care product reviews will tell you that these compounds are every bit as effective in treating acne, and most of them are effective against eczema and psoriasis as well. They also provide the antioxidants and essential nutrients your skin needs to remain healthy, which is something the ingredients in most acne treatments don’t supply. All natural compounds are the right choice for keeping your skin looking its best.

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