Thursday, January 19, 2012

Smile Again With Confidence by Nick Messe

There are many people who have gotten quite adept in the art of smiling with only their eyes, keeping their mouth firmly closed for pictures or when communicating. It has become natural to automatically do so because they are ashamed of missing, broken or crooked teeth. An attractive smile outranks body style, hair and eyes as the most sought after physical attribute. It's your first impression and people are simply happier when they get their smile back, never again avoiding mirrors.

Unattractive teeth impede many people. It inhibiting their potential to soar to greater heights in life. Having a beautiful smile can return to you a quality of life that you may have long forgotten, once again restoring confidence in careers and relationships. With online payments, free initial consultations and virtual imaging, you truly do not have to live this way even a day longer.

There are many affordable options in orthodontic care these days. Many people are unaware of the great strides that braces have made. They are not your grandmother's braces anymore. Invisalign is a clear, gradual way to straighten teeth.

They are virtually invisible, with no wires or metal like the uncomfortable braces of old. You can remove them when you eat, allowing you to floss and brush normally. There is less time spent in the dentist's chair adjusting metal wires and brackets that usually cause irritation. This new technology also treats many ranges of teeth problems.

Another tool in your orthodontist's arsenal is heat-activated arch wires. Locking onto brackets, the wires begin to warm and gradually apply gentle pressure. They result is a moving, shifting and straightening process which gets the teeth into position. Its force is about half that of heavier stainless steel braces, speeding up the healing and treatment process.

After Invisalign treatment, you may opt to have a bonded retainer. Small pieces of wire are placed in the inside, lingual, of the teeth, maintaining your teeth in position. For the denture wearer, some complain that they wobble and feel too big and unnatural. They are now enjoying mini implants because they are stable, yet still allow for some movement.

Approximately the size of a toothpick, these small implants are placed inside the bone and then the dentures are attached to them. The really good thing about mini implants is that they require much less bone density than other implants. It can be completed in one sitting and many people swear by them as they are so much like having their former teeth back. All this without the bulky feel of dentures and messy creams.

Let's face it. No one should have to live without their smile. Everyone deserves to have the confidence to shine. Now people of all ages can have a smile makeover, and get their life back.