Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Insights on How You Can Fix Your Damaged Metabolism by James Druman

Have you been on a starvation diet before? You know the ones I am talking about—when you eat nothing but protein or torture yourself with some sort of water vegetable diet. Your body may lose a bit of weight, quickly, but unfortunately, it is either only water weight or even worse all muscle and no fat. Then all of a sudden, you hit a plateau and can't lose any more weight, and as soon as you give in and eat the wrong thing your body balloons up bigger than it was before you started.

So the sad irony about these diets is that they claim to help you lose weight fast, but they eventually leave you in a much worse position than before—heavier and at even less of a disadvantage to actually lose the weight properly. The reason is that you have damaged your metabolism.

Well, I bring you a bit of good news. Your dream body is not lost forever. Although it will take you a bit more time to actually recondition your body and its metabolism, you can still build a great body if you get off on the right foot this time.

You have got to train your body to be a muscle-building fat-burning machine. And I am about to share with you how to do that. Within 1 month your metabolism will be warming up, you will be starting to really get into a zone, and 2 months in you will be really shedding the weight. After the 3rd month, you will be like a well-oiled machine.

Of course, this all depends on consistency. It's all about choices, and you have got to make the right ones.

So what are the keys to making this happen?

-Eating 5-6 smaller meals a day

-Eating every 3 hours or so, including breakfast

-Having a good post workout meal (often this means a shake)

-Actually eating enough calories to maintain energy levels

-Making the right food choices, such as unprocessed meats and vegetables

And don't Forget about the training aspect!

-Strength Training, building muscle that burns calories all day by doing compound movements

-Interval Cardio to increase the intensity to increase your metabolism.

Your exercise routine is really your key to success. I have noticed that the majority of people out there think that they can simply change their diet for a couple weeks and all of a sudden they will be transformed into who they want to be. This is partially laziness and is partially the fault of the fitness corporations preaching their easy results.

To really fix your damaged metabolism, you need both diet as well as exercise—and I'm sorry to say that walking isn't going to do it. The mixture of strength training and high intensity interval training is paramount to your metabolism rebuilding success.

Often I hear people say, "But I don't want to build muscle, so why do I need to lift weights?" It is necessary to build muscle to fix your damaged metabolism. You need to do compound muscle building exercises, even if you are female. Doing squats and deadlifts as well as other core strengthening exercises (not sit-ups and crunches) will burn help burn the fat off your body even when you are not working out.

Keep at it and over time, you will eventually notice that you have fixed your damaged metabolism. Your body will be burning calories like crazy, even when you are resting, and that's what we really want, isn't it?