Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ambulatory Phlebectomies Remove Varicose Veins by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic nuisance. They can cause pain, as well as indicate a more serious vein condition beneath the surface of the skin. Ambulatory phlebectomy allows a qualified vein specialist to remove the troublesome veins, leaving healthier legs and smoother circulation.

Before Getting an Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Schedule a consultation with your Austin phlebologist (vein specialist) before setting your sights on an ambulatory phlebectomy. The medical professional will conduct a physical and discuss your medical history with you to determine your eligibility for this varicose vein treatment. Then, they take an ultrasound of the legs, helping to determine precisely where the vein trouble starts and if it indicates any hidden concerns which require treatment. This also helps them decide if you require additional vein treatments in conjunction with the ambulatory phlebectomy; oftentimes, combining different spider and varicose vein treatments results in a more effective final result.

The Ambulatory Phlebectomy Procedure

To start the procedure, the cosmetic dermatologist will outline the specific veins undergoing the treatment. They then inject a local anesthetic into those specific areas for the patient’s comfort. Then, they puncture small incisions to reach the veins. A miniscule hook is inserted into the leg, hooking around the vein and pulling it out. Generally, this simple procedure doesn’t require stitches. Patients are commonly out-and-about again within an hour. A compression bandage and then compression stocking help facilitate the healing. Bruising and swelling may occur around the treated area; these effects are expected and temporary.

The Risks of an Ambulatory Phlebectomy

With an experienced, qualified vein specialist performing your ambulatory phlebectomy, risks are few and far between. However, occasionally a small segment of the vein may remain in the skin. When they inflame, the leftover vein becomes tender. However, recovery time and over-the-counter painkillers generally fix this issue.

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