Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blackhead Removal Tips You Can Use Today by George Hutton

There are many things that can cause a multitude of problems, things that you'd rather just no deal with. Some of these you can do a fairly decent job of being proactive against, but some of these just show up without warning. Acne in general, and blackheads in particular, are one of these horrible things that seem to come at the worst possible time. Here are some tips and some effective blackhead removal methods.

The first thing to realize is that although they look like they are dirt, or are because your pores are dirty, that's not the real reason. The reason is just due to the construction of the "comedone" which is the thing that makes the pimple. Part of it is open, and air gets in an oxidizes part of it, turning it black. They are no more dirty, or clean, than regular acne. Don't automatically assume you are some hideous creature because you have a couple blackheads.

There really is some good and easy ways to get rid of blackheads. You can use a blackhead removal device, or you can fashion your own out of household objects. Blackhead removal tools are small sticks with hollow end on one side that put over your blackhead. Then you can slowly twist it until it grabs the blackhead, and then slowly pull it out. If you are in a pinch, and don't have one of these tools handy, you can use the inside part of a ballpoint pen. They work just as well.

Another common method to remove blackheads is use tape, or wax. The tape will stick on to the blackhead, and then when you pull the tape off, the blackhead comes with it. Wax works the same way, you apply the was, wait for it to dry, and then pull it off. You can choose the do it yourself route, or have it done by somebody else. Either way works just as well.

One way to enhance both of these methods is to take a good long steam bath before doing them. When you do this, the pores on your face will open up and make it much simpler to pull out the blackhead. Once more, if you are pressed for time or resources, you can use a sink full of hot water for this. Then either use the ballpoint pen method, or the tape method.

Of course, once you've removed the blackhead, you run the risk of infection as you now have an open spot on your skin that germs can get inside of. So it's important to keep the area clean and germ free. If you have some of that bacteria killing soap, that would be perfect to use.