Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here's Why Losing Weight Slowly Is The Best Way by George Hutton

More and more people today are having problems with their weight. A recent government study indicates that up to sixty percent of all adults are severely overweight, or clinically obese. While this may seem like depressing news, the problem continues to get worse. Despite so many available diet methods and exercise techniques, why do we continue to swell around our midsection?

One of the main reasons is a paradox of society. The more modern our society becomes, the more technologically advanced we develop, the sooner we can get things done. Instant movie downloads, email, text messages, even food delivery is available at the touch of a button. Virtually anything we want we can get fairly quickly. Naturally food is the biggest issue here. Unless you live in the middle of a huge cornfield, it's nearly impossible to drive anywhere without passing several fast food shops. Even if the grocery store, they have several ready made, or microwave ready meals that are lacking in healthy ingredients.

So it makes sense then, that when you browse the book store, or search the Internet, the most popular diet and nutrition books as well as the various exercise programs you run across are designed to promise quick results with little, or no effort. Lose weight while you sleep. Get slim and never be hungry. Lose fifty pounds in one weekend.

Unfortunately, even if you tried to get fat that quick, it wouldn't work. The human body is vast collection of complicated and amazing chemical reactions, and changing your metabolism, your weight, and your physical appearance takes time. Just as it takes a while to gain weight, it also takes a while, usually longer, to get skinny. Most people wouldn't be to intrigued to shell out twenty or thirty dollars for a book that promised to show you how to lose five pounds in a month.

However, by asking people that actually do have fairly decent bodies, they'll tell you how much work it requires. Especially if you are past your teenage years, when you could eat anything and not gain a single ounce. The trick then, is to accept the idea that a slow, gradual weight loss is the best way. It's the easiest to start, and the easiest to keep going.

And by far, without question, the best exercise for weight loss is simple walking. One foot in front of other, for twenty minutes a day or so. Of course, the more you walk the better, but if you are just starting out, twenty minutes a day is fine. Skip the fad diets, skip the hundred dollar a month gym membership, and go for a walk. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.