Friday, February 3, 2012

Causes of Gout by Charlene J Nuble

There are many causes of gout . But, the primary cause is when there is a build up of uric acid on the joints. The elevated level of uric acid is referred to as hyperuricemia which starts when the liver produces lots of uric acid and the body can no longer eliminate it.

The urinary tract is the passageway for eliminating uric acid. With too much uric acid, the kidneys are overwhelmed and so it can’t function properly. If you eat a lot of foods like red meat and cream-based savory sauces or drink too much red wine, gout often occurs.

It was even believed many years ago that the main cause of gout is money. You see, if you’re rich, you can afford to buy loads of food. You must be aware that if gout occurs frequently, it might lead to permanent damage. If your blood has high uric acid content, the acid can harden or crystallize. The hardened uric acid sticks to the joint’s spaces.

Numerous complications can take place although to some individuals, gout only means pain or joint stiffness. However, some individuals suffer from severe or extreme pain once the joints become inflamed or swollen. The most common places where gouts occur are on the ankle and big toe.

Who are prone to gout?

You can never really tell who will suffer from gout. According to statistics, gout is hereditary and it makes up 18% of the total gout sufferers. If you have a history of gout in your family, you should live a healthy would be best to consult a dietician so that you can follow a good dietary regimen. As mentioned earlier, certain foods and drinks cause gout. By having a healthy eating habit or a healthy diet, you can already make a difference by preventing such condition from occurring.

Alcoholic individuals are also on the top list of gout sufferers. In today’s times, a lot of people are heavy drinkers especially those with personal problems. Frequent night outs with friends to grab hard drinks or beer can also cause gout. According to some studies, individuals who can’t control their alcohol consumption are eligible candidates for developing gout.

Foods containing purine also cause gout symptoms. Aside from these things, gout is also due to certain medications and intense exposure to lead.

Have you checked your lifestyle lately? What about your diet?

It is now time to start introducing changes in your diet and lifestyle especially if you have a history of gout in your family. Ask your relatives and other family members if there are gout sufferers in your family line. That is one way of finding out if the condition runs in your blood. If you want, you can consult a doctor if you feel any pain on your ankle joints or your big toe. By doing so, the doctor can accurately diagnose your condition.

Gout is not a life threatening condition but because of the pain experienced by gout sufferers, their every day life is often affected. If you introduce gradual lifestyle and dietary changes in your life, you can make a big difference. A healthy body is your key to avoid or prevent gout. Educate yourself about gout, causes of gout, and its complications by gathering vital info online. Knowledge about the condition will help you in determining preventive measures.