Friday, February 3, 2012

Government Support to Drive The UAE Healthcare Industry by RNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

The UAE healthcare industry has posted an unprecedented growth during the past few years on the back of government’s active support. The UAE government has made substantial investments in the healthcare infrastructure by building hospitals and clinics, and is promoting more modern approach to tackle infectious diseases, such as, malaria and measles that were once rampant in the region. Due to this support, our research report “UAE Healthcare Sector Forecast to 2012” says that, the market will touch the mark of US$ 10.9 billion by 2013.

The healthcare market in the Middle East is growing fast, partly due to the region's governments' decision to invest heavily in infrastructure, which comprises healthcare, and partly due to the high growth in population, changing social demographics, high prevalence of health-risk diseases like, diabetes and cancer, and the emergence of insurance-based services. The UAE healthcare industry has seen a sequence of events highlighting consolidation of the industry. International pharmaceutical companies are also expanding their business activities in the region. Our report has discussed all the driving forces and emerging market trends in the UAE healthcare sector.

We have found that, there will be strong demand for primary health care level drugs such as; generics, antibiotics, and OTC in coming years as a number of drugs are due to lose their patents. Further, demand for hospitals and hospital beds are anticipated to rise during the next few years. In this regard, we have done extensive research and analysis on the various segments of the UAE healthcare market. The segments covered in the report include: Hospitals Services Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Medical Devices Industry.

Our report contains statistical and analytical information on each of these segments, covering their market size and demand. It also features analysis of future directions, supplemented with facts and figures. Additionally, information on key players has been covered in the report. In this way, the report serves as a useful guide for healthcare companies, government officials, consultants, and investors planning to enter the UAE healthcare market.

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