Thursday, February 2, 2012

How Tanning Beds Enable You To Have A Lovely Suntanned Skin by Andy Guides Jr

Tanning beds are very popular these days, especially home tanning beds. If you have to go to the tanning salon then you should follow the tips in this article to have a perfect experience getting your skin tanned.

There are many types of bed available, one of which is the low pressure bed. This is the classic tanning bed. UV rays will be emitted in a range that is the same as sunlight. However, this type has the highest possibility of sunburn. Therefore, if you get burned easily, you should not use this type.

High pressure beds are more expensive than their low pressure counterparts. High pressure beds emit a high amount of UVA. You will need to spend longer time in order to get tanned but the tan will last longer.

You can also consider using a booth to tan. A booth is basically a tanning bed put vertically. You will stand up instead of lying down. This method is very effective because all parts of your body are exposed to the light, making a more even tan. And it is also cleaner because your skin does not contact with any surface.

You can also use a substance to spray on the skin to get tanned. The chemical reaction will darken your skin. This method is safe but it requires you to redo frequently in order to maintain the tan.

Before you tan, take a tour around the salon and look closely at the equipment. If you see any dirty spot, leave and don't come back. You can compare several salons and choose the one you like the most.

The salon receptionist will ask you to fill in the skin analysis form. This will help the salon determine your skin type so that they will adjust the tanning period accordingly.

Goggles are a must. If your salon does not give you goggles, doubt the ethnicity of that salon. The goggles are used to prevent damage to the eyes. You surely don't want to get blind just because you want a beautiful dark skin.

Tanning beds are being widely used as a tanning method. You can find tanning service in almost all salons. The primitive thing to check first is the hygiene of the equipments. Once you are sure that the beds are clean, you can rest assured that you will have a good experience during the tanning process.