Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Contrary to popular belief, manual therapy, or "treatment by hand", ambulance not only for sprains and strains.The theory of manipulation is concluded that almost any disease responsible spine. Rather, the breach of it. Dizziness, frequent headaches or syncope can be a signal that the displacement of broken vertebrae cerebral circulation. Acute pain in the neck and lower back - a possible symptom of a pinched nerve. Constant fatigue, back pain, most likely, muscle spasms, the cause of which - changes of the spine. If you get deeper into this further, you can see that the work of the internal organs and is directly related to how well and correctly folded our spine. That is a pain in the region of the pancreas does not necessarily echo of yesterday's feast, and the heart can "whine" not only because of the love story with a sad ending.
If you do not talk about serious sports injuries and accidents, the wear and tear of vertebrae, alas, is a natural process. He, like all the aging process, can not be stopped. With age, everyone destructive changes occur in the intervertebral discs. This leads to irritation of nearby nerves and inflammation. The next step - change of circulation and as a consequence of muscle tension and deprivation usually easy mobility because of spasms in some areas of the back. That is exactly where and is affected spine.
Feature of manual therapy that is non-pharmacological treatment. After listening to your complaints and a detailed description of the pain, as well as looking at the x-rays, the therapist assesses the hands only of the disease and then conducting a series of hand again impacts on the back and spine area. The good news is that the first effect will ease immediately. The bad - here easily deceived. To get the maximum effect and to get rid of the disease, it is necessary more than two or five visits to the doctor. By the way, a qualified specialist will never be you assign another session the next day. Three to five days, your muscles need to fix his new position, which will give them the therapist during manipulation. Only then can we begin to continue treatment.
Of course, to stop the process of deterioration is impossible. But depends on us when the spine suddenly declare itself.
Problems with the vertebrae start small and aggravated daily. Remember, how you sit back in front of a computer monitor in the office or dinner in the restaurant (probably after this phrase many thought and straighten your back). If today is your spine is not an effect, not screaming with pain and spasms in the back, then either you have a great inheritance, or you clever and live an active and sporty. In other cases, when our gipermalopodvizhnoy life, absolutely healthy spine is just a matter of time.
How to postpone for many years forced familiarity with chiropractors?

Go to the pool. Do not know how to swim, go to aerobics. This is the only type of physical activity, which is prescribed to patients even with severe injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Swimming restores, heals, and even more so to prevent disease of the spine. Besides helping to lose weight.

Do not slouch. In addition, without fear of oblique views of colleagues, try to make telephone calls while standing. And especially do not ask you to submit documents to the printer: walk around the office more often.

Do not lift heavy objects. 

Move more. Do not scold the broken elevator. Know that even four storey climbing stairs spine will thank you. And rear thigh muscles, by the way, too. Park away from the office or go on one stop early to walk. If this does not motivate, buy a bracelet that will take your steps to spread the result of a social network and give tips on changing your lifestyle.