Friday, February 27, 2015

5 problems that solves detoxification

To many, who is closely involved in their health and appearance, sooner or later comes the understanding of the importance of detoxification of the body.
What lies behind the fashionable notion of detox and why is it needed?
To start I must say that the toxins - poisons of biological origin, which are produced by infectious agents: bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that may be present in the human body. Also, toxins can be called and those substances that enter our body through air, water and junk food. Here, in order to prevent this from happening, and annual training needs detoxification.
So what are the problems are solved detoxification?
• As the name implies, it is primarily a clarification of an organism, the normalization of the main filter of the body: kidneys, liver and colon. If about the function of the kidneys and liver all heard, that the importance of the large intestine is rarely mentioned. And it was the large intestine absorbs water, nutrients, and participates in the formation of feces. As a result of receiving high carbohydrate and fatty foods with low fiber content on the walls of the large intestine formed a kind of "scum", which eventually forms a fecal stones, and as a result, there is a destruction of the mucous membrane of the colon, which protects the body from toxins. This happens poisoning organism processed products because they are beginning to be absorbed in the colon on a par with nutrients. It is the elimination of this phenomenon is the main objective of detox.
• Skin cleansing: getting rid of the rash and improve complexion.
• Eliminate bad breath, if it was caused by problems with the colon.
• Increased energy, which is a natural consequence of purification, as normal functioning of all internal organs.
• Stabilizing weight occurs because during normal operation the body with all the nutrients freely enter the blood and does not occur in humans have much need to replenish the supply of nutrients.
There are different ways to detox and they all have a right to exist, but they have one drawback: they are not always easy to implement. For example, diet and taking herbal concoctions require hourly diet and to a certain set of products was always at hand. Colon hydrotherapy should be carried out strictly under the supervision of physicians and fasting is not enough that only fits perfectly healthy people, so still and not all are able to withstand such an abrupt change in diet.