Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to strengthen the immune system

According to statistics, one of the most disliked seasons in humans is autumn. And no wonder! What is associated fall? For some - a walk through the park and the Scarlet armful of colorful leaves, for others - the final picnics and gatherings in the country, the cool freshness of the morning, still warming afternoon sun and beautiful sunsets with millions of bright stars for third. However, there in the fall and does unromantic moments.Changeable weather, cold wind, slowly but surely tending to zero the thermometer can insidiously "knock down" even a healthy person. Suffice it to breathe moist air or wet feet as immediately make themselves felt scratchy and sore throat, fever, cough, chills. Learn the symptoms? Acute respiratory viral infection or SARS are not forced to wait long.
Why fall, we often get sick?
Immunity - a complex combination of human cells and reacting to the impact of aggressive environmental factors. As is known, the human immune system, especially, is formed in the intestine. Inhabiting its colonies lactose and bifidobacteria form a special microflora, enveloping mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. Microflora is always in a dynamic state: while the number of bacteria seen each approximately equal to each other, tandem "gut-immune" to work well. But as soon as any number of bacteria begins to dominate, begins an imbalance of intestinal flora, leading to dysbiosis, naturally provokes a decrease in the body's defenses.
Any changes in diet, change of seasons, stress, medication, environment - even one factor of this non-exhaustive list is a powerful shock for the whole organism. And this is not always passes without any consequences.
How to determine the decrease in immunity?
There are a number of symptoms, for which a high degree of certainty can detect whether your immune system needs to be strengthened. These include:
• Psychosomatic symptoms: fatigue, weakness, and body aches and muscle pain, headache, frequent bad mood, sleepiness or insomnia, scattering.
• Physiological symptoms: dull and brittle hair and nails, bad breath or body odor change, upset stomach and intestines.
• Dermatologic symptoms: pale skin, various rashes, long healing of wounds and scars, swelling, bags and dark circles under the eyes.
How to strengthen the immune system?
Self-help the immune system to move from the hot summer on chilly autumn you can! Just follow the simple guidelines.
• Revise food
Fractional low-fat diet with sufficient amount in the diet of fruits and vegetables (fiber), cereals, nuts and vegetable oils would be beneficial for the skin. A regular consumption of dairy products will help to normalize the balance of intestinal microflora.• Add motion
Spend more time outdoors, be it with friends or walking the dog, jogging or cycling. Any physical activity is useful! Also, do not forget about the procedures hardening of the body, swimming in the pool, visit the baths or saunas.
• Include in the diet of vitamins
Even the most nutritious food does not cover the body's need for vitamins and minerals at 100%. Comprehensive protection of the immune system should include and receive various multivitamin complexes.