Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The main symptoms of herpes. Methods of Treatment.

Many people have already seen in yourself or others redness on the lips, and after - swelling of small watery vesicles, which soon covered with a crust. At the household level, these symptoms are called "cold". In science, a disease known as herpes.
It is most commonly caused by a general weakening of the body's immunity, malaise, and sometimes fever. It is, as already mentioned, bubble formation, often near the mouth and can be re-precipitation.
Typical symptoms of herpes:

  •     - Severe itching, sometimes turns into a painful tingling in the area of ​​origin;
  •     - Immediately after 1-2 days, or there may be slight redness and the swelling which appear watery groups of bubbles;
  •     - Within 3-4 days blisters dry up, forming a crust;
  •     - For the treatment of minor absolutely get rid of scabs and heal small wounds can be as early as one week.

Do I need to go to the doctor?
In acute manifestations of the disease: increased temperetura body, chills, itching or rash again in a short time should consult a doctor. If the disease is in the shortest possible time and not bother again, then on a visit to the doctor can not refuse.
The main methods of treating herpes.
Primarily for outdoor use are assigned different antiviral ointment: Acyclovir, which is the basis for Zovirax, oxoline, penciclovir and others. Hydrogen peroxide or a conventional Zelenka small amounts can be used for drying of the bubbles.
In addition, the doctor may prescribe pills, mostly painkillers and antipyretics: Paracetamol, Analgin, in severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed.
Along with medication there a large number of folk remedies for treating herpes. Well dries bubbles, for example, oil fir, lemon balm, bergamot and juniper. Itchy skin will help calm the juice of celandine or aspen.