Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Food for to improve vision and prevent eye diseases

There are things to worry about and take care of that should actually from birth. These include proper balanced diet, thoughtful mode of the day, as well as physical activity and vision. And it is the latter requires sensitivity as much as possible to be treated, as the spoiled, it actually can not be restored.
Yes, now there are many clinics that offer expensive operations that can get rid of wearing glasses. But firstly, they can not be afforded by many, and, secondly, are not always effective.
What to do, because poor vision - it's a great chance to get into an accident on his BMW, lost his beloved job or simply to get to the hospital. Moreover, it is largely responsible for fatigue and headache. But do not despair! Help improve eyesight regular consumption of some products.
Which of them are useful for the eyes and, most importantly, why?
If we talk about vitamins, it is important for the eyes, especially A, C and E. The first is rich in carrots (recommended to use fresh, combined with a small amount of sour cream or vegetable oil), the second in large quantities contained in the bulb onions, sauerkraut , oranges and other citrus fruits. At the same time, if your choice has fallen on the last, buy it fresh fruit, not juice and puree production. But the third - Vitamin E - can be obtained by eating wheat germ, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. They can be added to the usual salads or soups, cook with them the meat and vegetables. Do not deny yourself this, you'll have no problems to drive Mercedes or participate in online conferences without experiencing any discomfort due to the poor state of your vision.
Good for the eyes, and zinc, which is contained in sweet peppers, and raw beets. Omega 3 - essential fatty acids. And you will provide her eyes regularly eating salmon or tuna.
By following these rules, you can do many years without glasses, thus easy to sit behind the wheel of a modern Audi, use a PC and enjoy watching TV.
And if we add to this the exercises for the eyes, your chances to maintain excellent eyesight into old age will become even greater. Do not forget about the special vitamin complexes and drops, which provide additional protection for your eyes during strenuous work.