Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sleep - natural needs of the organism

We are used to treat sleep as something uncontrollable. We know that it gives vitality, normalizes function of internal organs, prolongs life. But at the same time in order to fulfill some additional work, study, entertainment we sacrifice part of our allotted time to sleep. There is a minimum time required for recovery, but we are used to not take that into account. Modern man enough sleep catastrophically.
After sleepless nights deteriorating mental activity, it becomes difficult to concentrate. After the second begins at times disconnected from the normal operation of the brain. On the third day of the deterioration. Next, the motor capacity is changed, there are disturbances in the nervous system, metabolism. It comes to the fact that the patient may need a nurse. You just need to remember that all have enough sleep hours are summarized. Sleep - it is a necessity.
The daily rate of sleep, etc. to various sources from 7 to 9 hours. Chronic lack of sleep, and as a result, fast pereutomlyaemost and fatigue can lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system, obesity, or even the appearance of diabetes. Treat her with leisure seriously and determine their own individual ways to go to bed on time.