Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to care for your hair?

Please respect the hair and protect them from harmful factors. Wear a hat in cold weather.
Protect your hair from the elements and from direct sunlight. Try to minimize the use of such traumatic procedures such as perming, heated hair rollers, curling irons, straighteners, hair iron. In exceptional cases, when you resort to termoprotseduram previously using a special tool that protects your hair (eg, foams and sprays for hair styling with a thermal protection).
Experts also recommend not to use a hair dryer, and if you can not eliminate the hair dryer, use a cold air drying (dryers are equipped with such modern mode).

Properly wash your hair. Water should be warm, even slightly cool. Use a shampoo and conditioner conditioner that suits your hair. And shampoo because of its chemical structure, we recommend that you squeeze in the palm, add a little water and stir, and then applied to the hair.

Experts say that the shampoo is not enough, it is necessary to use a conditioner to hair smooth and easy to comb. By the way, periodic health and beauty hair instead of a conditioner or after it, try using mineral water: do not wash and rinse.
It is also useful to rinse hair infusion of oak bark (dark hair) and chamomile extract (light) and does not wash off.
Avoid combing your hair immediately after washing - it could injure them.
Carefully choose hair accessories. Ideally, the comb should be natural (e.g., wood). Combing start from the tips.
Please note that scrunchy should not be too narrow - the hair should be comfortable.
Regularly trimming the tips of the hair (every few months) - this is a necessary procedure in the care of hair.
Eat well and regularly. For healthy hair are especially useful grains, legumes, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, juices. Try to minimize sweets, flour, fried and spicy. Give up smoking and alcohol. Try every day to drink enough clean water (tea, coffee and juices do not count!).

Take a course of multivitamins - the doctor will help you choose the appropriate.
Careful approach to the selection procedure for the hair. Try to pamper your hair with special masks recipes which you can find on the Internet, based on the characteristics of your hair.
Or consult an experienced hairdresser. For example, there is the perfect remedy for dry and split ends: before washing the hair moisten the tips of olive oil, soak 10 minutes, then wash your hair as usual. If you use this tool on a regular basis for some time, the effect will make you happy. A few drops of essential oil of rosemary added to shampoo strengthen hair and a beneficial effect on the scalp.
Experts advise to periodically massage of the head - it is not only pleasant but also very useful. Be beautiful!