Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thai massage

Thai traditional massage - rather hackneyed theme. Nevertheless, I will try and organize their own experiences, feelings, and some scientific findings, gleaned in serious books.
Make Thai massage can be in any city in the world, with a high probability that it will be done secretly, although there are European specialists. In Thailand - itself.
It's amazing - you can face the fact that massage is not to get all occupied. And it's a given that the massage parlors - at every step, in the most literal sense. Every 5-10 meters - next door. But interestingly enough, our nation does whatever massage but Thai: and oil and relaxing, and sports - up to 20 species of every kind of massage, but sought to make it a Thai - this is not. Either I do not like it - too heavy or did not understand, or loaded a hearty dinner. I, alas, on the contrary. Just Thai, only hardcore.
In general, all kinds of fancy, there are many types of massage. Recently we wrote that in the Philippines were to massage pythons. But thank you, do not we somehow without snakes. On the delicate issue of sex massage I do not want to say - what must be confessed, is there and so on. Private matter, of course, but - seven miles jelly slurp?So what will be discussed is about Thai traditional massage (Thai nuat) - whole art, the origins of which stretch back millennia. Number of training massage schools should be very large. And, as I understand it, this field of activity of the Ministry of Education.
If you are able to understand tayglish (that is, as they say in English Thais), and if you have six months of free time - you can finish the course of Thai massage on the spot and get an official document.
Some of my friends farang (from those of ours who permanently lives in Thailand) Thai massage courses completed and received the official certificate. Not that they needed a work masseurs, rather, simply because "the love of art." I can say that if I had a free six-month period (that lasts many training courses), make sure you go to learn. But so far - no luck. And so I would just understand.
Thai massage, they say, is very different in their ways: they say, there is a famous "obschetaysky" but there is a certain royal. There is nothing at all I can not say. They say the language is different, but here, too, I have not the slightest idea how it at the royal court. Just know that different schools: North and South. They differ not only schools, but also the price. In northern hour Thai massage can be done for 100 baht.
Does the Thais themselves massage? Yes, at least - the legs. To the feet of the South-East Asia in general are treated with awe. I do not rule out that the locals do and a full massage if they feel this need - but certainly not in tourist areas. In principle, the basic techniques of all schools overall. And do you massage in the pathos place, or "roadside" usual - the quality of work is not affected. No profanity will work seriously and responsibly. However, if done consistently and for a long time, you begin to notice some shades and differences in technique. But overall scheme alone. It seems that all that they do - it is separated meat from the bones. In fact, the impression of the right: the main task - stretching, lengthening muscles. These alternate with tension pressing certain points that can be painful. "Does it hurt? - Somehow joyfully ask the masseuse (Thais are smiling, and not malevolent). - Then good! "
Ironically, then, really, good. But, as I understand it, such a position at odds with the modern European, which is considered to be (at the moment), that pain can not be tolerated. No, of course, no one is not specifically pain causes. But all of us from time to time becomes an almost upright bipedal. Therefore, no one is guaranteed by the fact that somewhere, somehow respond. But when we heard a squeak or groan client masseuse (the vast majority of women out there, of course), be sure to first say that then it will be good, and will continue with this site, or to withdraw immediately stop - here you are the master of your body. But, as the user of your body, and you should understand that all bear responsibility for it themselves. It is assumed that people have common sense and with a stomach ulcer and high blood pressure on any massage will not go at all. As well as after heavy libation.

In addition to the total of traditional Thai massage the entire body, there is also the Thai foot massage. Here it is very popular, and in the evenings in saloons are large families. Here, of course, complete relaxation, oil (usually coconut) and ointments, time serious work over your limbs and your bonus will pull his head and squared her shoulders. Here, in principle, this massage is easy to adapt the home self-massage. Although, of course, still not: no relaxation, most have to work. No and position skills. Although part of the skills you can learn to separate - and then after a long legwork can again become "like new."

 Because Thailand with us - Indochina, the massage technique and joined two lines: Indian and Chinese. It is not known whose influence more. On foot massage - like the Chinese, on the back - Indian on uneducated opinion.
Traditional Thai massage is done in a "full dress" the client, as opposed to different types of oil massage, which can be also quite come also from South East Asia. It gives a kind of light pajamas made of natural fabrics or simply lay a blanket on top of it and have to manipulate his hands, elbows, and even feet. The world revealed only the most modest of the body - the head and the foot. Oils and ointments are rarely used. Only if you feel that the customer discomfort, then a dot can lubricate a specific place. The exception here - a full hour foot massage, which is produced with the use of abundant and ointments and oils.
During the massage the whole body (lasts an hour or two) is still a great time is on foot, with their usually begin. Next - a lot of time on his back, and then the coup - and the smaller part is the shoulders and arms. One little attention is paid to the front of the body (verified) - is also opposed to "oil" massage, which can also be Thai, but others (and perhaps the Indian four hands that can do the same in Thailand). During the massage you will be disturbed without you, meaning you will suddenly take for yourself some yoga poses. You will remain in a static state, but you somehow "zalomayut", while continuing to work on the muscles and the point.
Twisting and stretching - standard techniques in traditional Thai massage. Client or put on a special massage table or on the floor, on a mattress. And then supposed to relax, the more that you have something they are going to "unlock".After the massage is required to offer or hot tea (by the rules) or cold water (so it seems easier).
The founder of Thai massage according to Dr. Jivaka, he lived two and a half millennia ago, and was, according to legend, the Buddha's personal doctor. Remember, by the way, very easy, "Dr. Shivaka" Dr. Shivago.
The legends of legends, it is clear that the Thai traditional medicine in general thing is very old, and the experienced impact of all its neighbors. Fully some work on the systematization of knowledge and organize "routine" was made only in the 19th century. It was collected and documented. Home massage school in Bangkok, the oldest temple of the 12th century Wat Pho (Wat Po). This temple is directly associated with the development of the traditional art of massage. On the walls of this temple are images of all the lines and dots, there is a statue depicting yoga postures.The first is absolutely impossible to oppose Western medicine (ie, strictly speaking, a medicine as it is in the form in which it is known), and Eastern practices (Ayurveda, Thai massage, shiatsu, yoga). And a reasonable person if you feel unwell, seek medical advice and rightly so.
Thai massage in Thailand relates to medical activities. For them it is not any alternative medicine, and the most that neither is its native. But do not think that the Thais do not seek the help of Western medicine. These hospitals among patients is not only foreigners. Europeans bother to head the theoretical foundations of eastern medicine, in my opinion, it makes sense only if it is going to do this all my life. If not - take it for granted that people think that way and not another, it is clear and convenient.
To the body in the East are complex - and it is captivating. There are no power lines or - "September" - Science (Western) is unknown. I - even more so. Where there is this energy circulates in our body - a mystery to me, God forbid that even circulated somehow. But the doctrine of lines - one of the basic things in Thai massage. However, they think: You can, of course, remember the ten main lines, but remember 72 000 channels of vital energy? And whether it is necessary, if you have a Thai massage - an isolated case Attraction? We muscles something, and the bones of their names do not really know.This difference in the outlook of the Eastern and Western man did not hurt to enjoy Thai massage, but can vary in trying to prevent the acquisition of knowledge and technology. Therefore, in terms of transfer and adaptation of Thai massage at home is to think twice. If the person you ask to make you a Thai massage, bulky man, it is unlikely to learn from this something good. Let's better to do then a regular sports massage hands and feet. You have to understand that it is diminutive Thai women allows them to get to anywhere in your body, and even efforts throughout its body. By the way, these tiny women easily wring any bulky male body, men only have time to surprise kryaknut. In some cases, the ladies may seem like on the back.
Now there is a new flowering of the ancient art of Thai massage. In any European or American city you can find salons. With regard to efficiency - that is very difficult to judge, especially considering the fact that must be kneaded well. Definitely going warming, improves circulation, feet again can be worn day and night. But what is more: physical or psychological - is also impossible to say.