Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The danger of mold in the house

Many people simply do not pay attention to the black spots on the ceiling and walls in the bathroom or toilet, not realizing that the fungus - and it was he - not only spoils the appearance and negates all efforts to interior decoration, but also seriously threatens the health of the residents of the apartment. The problem often faced fungus vacationers and residents of old houses with wooden beams. Mould corrodes wood, making it unstable. It is because the fungus crumbling old wooden churches and houses that have been preserved in the Russian province, so it is important to protect these monuments - it is a struggle to mold spores. But in modern house fungus can ruin the wood pieces - such as pieces of furniture. Therefore, from the point of view of hygiene bathroom shelves recommend making plastic or metal - that is, of those materials that are not otsyreyut a damp room. Mold often causes dangerous allergic leads to skin diseases or asthma. Especially dangerous fungus in those homes where there are children - the baby is most susceptible to the harmful effects of mold spores. And if the disease in adults caused by fungus, are after the termination of the mold, the child may be ill for a lifetime. Often there is mold in the kitchen - the cabinets under the sink or in cupboards where to put the dishes that accrues only on major holidays, and that never aired. Mould in the kitchen doubly dangerous, because it can contaminate foods. Well, if people just throw rotten food, but it can accidentally eat something on which settled fungus. Some of the mold, however, is even useful - because of her getting penicillin - but most of its species only cause health damage. Therefore, it is recommended instead of a closed cabinet to place the dishes in the open shelves for the kitchen, where air circulates freely. And let not confuse chrome metal shelves that look like office shelving and seem comfortable enough for the kitchen - is more important than the health of the external effect, and comfort can be achieved by other means.