Monday, July 6, 2015

Cellulite: the causes of, and treatments for prevention

Very many women care about the so-called "orange peel" that occurs in the most enticing parts of the bodies. How to get rid of this scourge?

 About Cellulite and its treatment written many articles and even books. He is said to have virtually all women (in the early stages it is not visible), and even men. The main reason for its occurrence is slowing the transformation of fat due to insufficient production of specialized cells - adipocytes. In turn, the reason for a decrease in their generation are some hormonal disorders. And that hormonal disorders are a major cause of cellulite. From this we can conclude that in the risk group teenagers and pregnant women. But not so scary in itself is not a pathology of cellulite and in no way interferes with vital functions, it is normal, it can be said, even physiological cosmetic defect. Get rid of this trouble can be non-surgical methods, but only in the early stages, the more stage - the longer and be less effective treatment of cellulite. At the initial stage of cellulite shows little tissue edema. It is worth noting that the "orange peel" often appears in the buttocks, forearms and abdomen. The process can be slow, if you observe the following recommendations.  

1. Do not ever wear tight pants and underwear, unwanted parts to wear uncomfortable high heels, as it violates the circulation.

2. on the possibility to take a contrast shower.  

3.Regulyarno do physical exercises for problem areas.

4.Pravilno eat.  

On the second or third stage of cellulite becomes visible and attentive to others. It is a dense lumps of skin. In such a situation can help a professional anti-cellulite massage at home. The procedure is not too pleasant, it can be said, even painful, but often very effective. With the massage normal blood flow in tissues mikrotserkulyatsiya. It is advisable to use the techniques of reflexology for quicker, visual result of effort.

 If you read the article on the Internet, you can find more exotic ways of getting rid of this cosmetic defect. These include a honey massage. The purpose of this massage is the same as the anti-cellulite, but about its effectiveness is difficult to judge, since the large-scale studies have been conducted. But damage from a massage in any case will not. As you know, honey - a very useful product that contains a lot of useful substances. Massage recommended rates, the duration of the course - 2 weeks. A simpler method available absolutely everyone, is to take a bath with sea salt. If you have time and money, you can walk to the sessions of mesotherapy - not exactly become superfluous.  

In difficult situations, the fourth stage of the defect when the anti-cellulite massage is not helping, will only be effective surgery - liposuction. Under general anesthesia, the fat deposits are removed, the skin is smoothed. But the effect of this operation will not last forever if you do not comply after the above recommendations.