Friday, November 27, 2015

Proper skin care

Every woman wants to preserve her youth and beauty, though not forever, but, nevertheless, a very long time. The first thing that can easily give age is a state of the facial skin. The pale, flabby, sagging skin is added to the age of 10-12 years. Therefore, the importance of regular care of the face there is no doubt.

The earlier you start to care for the skin, the better. Even if you are the owner of the nature of the beautiful skin, you still need to think about quitting. Being exposed to various influences from the environment, it can lose its original shape.

General terms skincare

1. The correct moisturizer. Who is the shop windows you can see a variety of creams. What exactly to choose? The purse every woman should be sure the sunscreen; fat cream to protect your skin in the winter, the basis of which there is no water; depending on the age of day and night cream. No need to use the cream every time only one brand, because there are times when the use of a long one and the same cream, does not give any results. This does not mean that the cream is bad, your skin is just so used to the ingredients, there is no specific "offsets." You can search for a good cream online store for cosmetologists.

2. Morning and evening care. Wash in the morning better than boiled warm water, because hot water leads to sagging skin, and cold - to flaking. Be sure to purchase a washing foams, lotions. In no case did not go to sleep with makeup! The facial skin of such a relationship does not suffer. To begin, remove make-up milk and then wash your face with warm water.

3. face towel. Any woman should be only a single towel for the face. It is very important and quality of the material. Let your will be a soft towel made of natural fabrics. No need to rub the skin after washing your face, just gently touching, remove residues of water droplets.

4. Sponge. To remove the horny layer of the skin, be sure to use a small sponge. When you use it, move exclusively along the massage lines. Be sure to wash and dry after the sponge to her microbes are not developed.

The above rules need to perform on a daily basis, it is primarily the foundation on which will depend on the condition and beauty of your face. Any difficulties they do not constitute, important regularity.

Basic care - is the main treatment. But your skin will tell you thank you very much if you contact and additional methods that are also important.

Additional care:

1. Masks from natural products. Whatever the expensive creams you have not purchased, natural mask will always be on top. Pay special attention to the summer, when a lot of vegetables and fruits that can be used for cosmetic purposes. For example, cucumber, strawberries, melons, raspberries, pumpkins. These products saturate the skin with moisture and makes it supple and strong. In winter you can make a mask of egg and honey, which is great to protect your skin from the cold and frost.

2. The ice for the face. Your skin will remain young, if you will wipe every morning with ice on the massage lines. For ice, you can use mineral water or herbal teas of various herbs (mint, St. John's wort, lemon balm, marigold). After a week of such procedures, your skin becomes supple and matt.

3. Gymnastics. Yes gymnastics, it can be done for the person, not only for the figure. Such exercises will help to deal with deep wrinkles or prevent them.

4. Proper nutrition. On the skin condition also affects your diet. Make sure that you have on the table were the food of vegetable origin, fish and eggs, which are beneficial to the skin.