Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Fat Burning Furnace Review by Frank Hurley

The following is a review of the Rob Poulos weight loss and fitness plan, the Fat Burning Furnace.

The following are the details and highlights of the Fat Burning Furnace approach.

Rob found that after trying a number of different weight loss systems that there was something missing in all of them, so he created the Many of these plans were exercise or diets only.

weight loss and fitness must include more than just diet and exercise is the one thing that Rob always says.

Rob, after failing to find a weight loss plan that worked for him made a decision to use what he had learned that worked and add it to his own new ideas to build a complete weight loss system.

He not only reduced the amount of time it takes to finish the workouts but he also made the workouts much more effective in losing fat and getting fit.

Below you can read about the key elements of the Fat Burning Furnace.

· Total weight loss & fitness for a lifetime

· The power of knowledge and habits

· Muscle magic

· Why we shouldn’t be “sweatin’ on the treadmill

· The 15-minute miracle: high-intensity weight loss answer

· 3 principles to efficient strength training

· Fat Burning Furnace routines – putting it all together

· Why "diets" are not effective

· The big nutrition secret

· Get a handle on your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)

· Foods that are high in nutrition

· Sample daily meal/snack program

· Recipe information

· 11 secrets of good nutrition

· Mirror mirror on the wall

· You are dozing off - Seven and a half hours to a fit body

· Reduce stress in your life

· Put the law of attraction into action

· The 5 minute super stress buster

· Fat Burning Furnace for seniors on how to slow down and virtually reverse the aging process and live leaner, stronger and longer

There are 3 essential basics to losing body fat quickly and getting your body fit permanently.

The following are the 3 necessary basics:

1. You can increase your metabolism by increasing your lean muscle

2. Increase your metabolism through a proper nutritious eating plan

3. Increase your metabolism by making sure you get the correct amount of sleep

These 3 basics all work together to increase your metabolism so you will burn excess fat, lose weight and increase your fitness.

If any 1 of these 3 basics is left out then your plan to lose body fat and keep it off permanently will not work.

Continue increasing your lean muscle with exercise, eat delicious food with the proper nutrition and get enough of rest and sleep and you will without a doubt lose the fat you want, become fit and keep the weight off forever.

After extensive personal research I did on the Fat Burning Furnace, I found that most users said that they met their fat loss goals also they felt much more energetic from the exercise program and their reduced weight.

If you're thinking about using the Fat Burning Furnace method yourself, but still have a few questions before you make up your mind then be sure you visit the Knowledge Database page by clicking this Frequently Asked Questions link.

If the Knowledge Database does not have the answer to your question then contact the Fat Burning Furnace Customer Support department (the contact method is on the Knowledge Database page) and they will answer your weight loss and/or