Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Automatic Medical Receptionist Helps Doctors And Human Receptionists By Taking Over The Tedious Work by Jim Peterson

The virtual medical receptionist is much more than a software application. Its aim is to help doctors, dentists and all medical professionals streamline their work and that of their medical receptionist.

All of your activities will finally be properly scheduled, since your virtual receptionist will take care of your agenda as well as of your patients, who, as you surely know, are the main source of your business.

Doctors will not have to waste time filling in piles of documents, communicating with their medical receptionist in order to synchronize their work, as the automatic medical receptionist will allow them to put much more care in their patients, by welcoming them and treating them in an efficient and prompt way.

Let's now see what an automatic medical receptionist can do for you and how your practice can benefit from its functions.

In the first place, it books, cancels and re-books appointments, it gives reminding calls, text messages and e-mails to patients as their appointment date nears and, last but least, it stores patients' information.

In fact, as soon as a new patient registers with your practice, they are asked to fill in a form that they may find on your medical website and all the data contained in that form are automatically transferred to your practice computers. At this point, the automatic medical receptionist will save them in ordered files, that you may consult whenever you need, for example before a particular procedure that involves that specific patient, to check whether they forgot to tell you something important about their health.

This particular function performed by the virtual receptionist can be referred to as maintaining the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) database. Such EMRs are created whenever a new patient is scheduled, in order to keep record of their personal details, such as name, surname, date of birth, as well as their insurance and demographic information. Once created, these EMRs are added to the calendar, to make it easy for the human medical receptionist to keep track of doctor's appointments.

Furthermore, this software application has been designed to be more than a medical receptionist. It is, in fact, a real personal assistant. It books medical appointments and personal events/duties, such as travels, lunches, dinners, conferences, meetings and reminds you when you are needed for surgical procedures and so on...

That is why every virtual medical receptionist comes with three types of calendar, aimed at cataloging different events: a calendar centers around patients (patient visits and appointments), another calendar records personal events and the third one is designed for those practices that are run by more members and that need an extra accurate receptionist to book medical appointments and divide them among several doctors.

The virtual receptionist alone can perform a multitude of tasks that only a highly skilled team of secretaries, assistants and receptionists would be able to perform; it will simplify your everyday life and help you improve your practice services. It's fantastic, if we consider that we may enjoy all of these benefits thanks to a simple application software.