Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Canadian Pharmacies: Drugs At Unmatched Price by Manisha Mahajan

Canadian pharmacies are considered as a viable solution for many US citizens. This is because in the US most people do not have medical insurance coverage on prescription and if they have i.e. on limited plans. So, buying of drugs in the US leads to high cost which is sometimes unaffordable for patients. For cost and privacy factor, Canadian pharmacies stores are quite popular among people across the world. These stores offer prescription drugs and other drugs at quite economical rates. A person can check out the Canadian Pharmacies for almost everything from common cold to heart diseases.

As per the statistics, it can be said that with the Canadian pharmacies, a consumer can save approximately 40% on the cost of prescribed medications. While purchasing drugs, a consumer must check for the legitimate online Canadian pharmacies stores that are licensed and regulated by Pharmacy College in each province. It is necessary because there are many fake stores available on Internet. While purchasing the prescribed drugs from online Canadian pharmacies, you must check service and safety standards like:

• License number of the pharmacy store

• Certification from authorized association

• Checking the reviews from other consumers

Moreover, the consumer must compare and contrast the rates offered by different stores to select the best one. This will help the consumers to save a lot of money. You can place your order by calling through telephone, by faxing, by regular mail, or you can have your doctor call for prescriptions in. Regardless of mode that you opt for ordering, your Canadian prescription drugs will be delivered quickly and safely. Usually, it takes around 7-10 days for delivering the drugs.

For accessing the Canadian pharmacies from anywhere across the world, Internet is considered as the best medium. Internet has made the life easier and convenient as people can access the services from their comfort of home or office. The factor convenience and savings can be achieved through these online pharmacy stores as they are gaining a major share of the prescription drug market. The boom in online pharmaceutical industry has motivated many Canadian pharmacies to sell medications through the medium of Internet.