Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fat Burning Exercise: How To Exercise For 15mins And Burn Fat For 36hrs Afterwards! by Anders N W Lindgreen

If you are used to traditional cardio labelled LSD (long slow distance), chances are you have heard of but may never have tried techniques such as Fartlek and interval training. Cardiovascular exercise in all its forms are indeed great for building endurance and to burn off energy and calories, but once you stop, so does the burn. There is no additional effect to keep your system blast through its fat stores while you are standing still. Now wouldn't it be better if we could burn the energy right there and the spot AND increase our fat burning abilities for up to 36h? Indeed it would, and it is possible - this is how.

Fartlek and interval training is essentially the same thing; burst training. It means that you go hard, I mean flat out (80-90% of max) for a short burst and then you go slowly again. Most often you don't stop, you just go considerably slower, allowing your body to relax. In Fartlek you burst when you feel like it, and when you feel like recovery, you recover until you are ready to go again. Interval training is a step up and you will have set work and rest ratios to work with.

Needless to say, Fartlek is the introductory level to burst training and here is how to implement it. Choose your cardio activity, pick a distance or a time and decide on how many burst you will complete in your session. The rest is easy, let's say you decided on five bursts, before you've finished your distance or worked for the set amount of time, you will have bursted into 80-90% of your max five times. You burst until you can't keep the intensity up, you may even set a time or a distance and then you recover. Recovery for running would be a jog or a walk and for cycling it would be slower pedal at less resistance.

Interval training obviously has an even greater effect on the energy spent and the fat burning effects after your workout, but it makes sense to progress into it and not step in there straight away depending on what your fitness background is. For intervals an easy way to get started is to do 30 seconds hard and 30 seconds slow - work towards a total of 10-20 minutes of total work.

This burst training creates something called an oxygen deficit demand in your body, which will boost your fat burning abilities for up to 36 h. Yes, that's while you are resting but also while you are doing other kinds of activities. I wouldn't recommend more than 2-3 sessions like these spread out over the weak, and probably 1-2if you are a beginner. But hey, that's what I call effective.

And remember, if you want to decrease the impact due to join problems or what not, choose equipment with minimal impact like a stationary bike, cross-trainer or a rowing machine.

Good luck and enjoy shorter workouts and much greater rewards!