Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Achieve Weight Loss on Vegetarian Diet by Laura Ng

These are some effective techniques you can apply to achieve weight loss on vegetarian diet:

1. Include lots of fiber-rich whole natural foods in your vegetarian diet for weight loss. When you eat fibrous vegetarian foods, you'll feel full easily. This will stop your cravings for more food which may contain excessive calories which your body doesn't need.

Of all fibrous foods, I recommend vegetables. Vegetables are good on losing stomach fat and they provide multiple essential nutrients your body needs. Keep a ratio of 3:2 (vegetable to other natural foods) in your breakfast, lunch and dinner, always.

2. As I just said, vegetables contain high fiber substance. So, eat some vegetables first whenever you tuck in so that it'll help you prevent more unnecessary intake of calories. This is one effective technique to help you attain weight loss on vegetarian diet.

3. Chew your food thoroughly to help improve digestion. When your digestion runs slow, your brain may not receive quick signal from your stomach about its satiety level. As a result, your brain may ask for more foods until it gets the 'full' signal from your stomach. By then, you could have ingested more foods than you need, and you'll feel stuffed.

Do not belittle this little chewing action. Studies have shown that those who take about 20 - 25 chews on each bite get to eat lesser. This may sound ridiculous but it's a fact. And you should perform this chewing action seriously if you want to achieve effective weight loss with your vegetarian diet.

4. Eat more vegetarian meals to lose weight. Large amount of food you eat in each meal may not necessarily provide lasting effect. In fact, excess calories in that meal may go right into your fat storage immediately when not in use. Therefore, spread out your calorie intake by having more meals such as 5 or 6 meals a day. You'll lose weight more easily this way.

Here's how to achieve weight loss on vegetarian diet with 5 meals a day:

Breakfast at 7 - 8 A.M.

Morning snack at 10 - 10:30 A.M.

Lunch at 12 - 1 P.M.

Afternoon snack at 3 - 4 P.M.

Dinner at 6 - 7 P.M.

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner should fill up 70% of your stomach only while each of your snacks should give you 30 - 40% fullness only.

Don't forget to drink appropriate amount of water to complement your weight loss on vegetarian diet. Proper hydration can help flush out toxic wastes and improve your overall body constitution for optimal fat loss.