Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mommy Makeovers in Providence by Lynn Fugaro

Ah, the joy of motherhood. Almost every new mother will tell you that motherhood is the role they were meant for. But even though they may be relishing their new job taking care of their child or children, these women may not like what they see in the mirror. While it’s true that babies can help make you a better person, having them really does a number on your body. The physical act of having a child, along with the stress and lack of sleep, can have enormous repercussions on your appearance.

Many of these changes are temporary. Once you return to the gym, and if you eat right and are getting sleep, you will return to your pre-pregnancy figure much sooner than if you don’t get exercise, sleep, or eat well. However, there are some physical changes that may be permanent, leaving you unhappy and self-conscious about your appearance. A negative self-image and low self-esteem is not how mothers with children should be.

To help these women, there is a custom-designed plastic surgical procedure known as the mommy makeover. A mommy makeover can help turn back the clock through a series of unique plastic surgical procedures aimed at your individual figure and aesthetic goals.

What a Mommy Makeover Can Target

• Changes in breast size and shape

• Stretch marks

• Varicose veins and spider veins

• Stretched abdominal muscles and skin

• Stubborn pockets of fat

• Changes in the health of your skin

Each woman who has become a new mother may have specific areas other than these that they wish to target. An experienced plastic surgeon will be happy to discuss an individual plan tailored to your specific goals.

Mommy Makeover Procedure Options

There are both surgical procedures and non-invasive cosmetic surgical procedures that may benefit you, and both will be discussed when you speak to a plastic surgeon. Some of the procedures that are common in a mommy makeover are:

• Facelift

• Liposuction

• Breast augmentation

• Breast lift

• Breast reduction

• Tummy tuck

• BOTOX™ Cosmetic

• Spider vein treatment

These procedures and others will improve you appearance and the way you see yourself. Feeling good about the way you look can make you feel good about all other aspects of your life, including the way you parent your children. If a mommy makeover can restore your self-esteem, then perhaps it is something you should discuss with an experienced plastic surgeon.

If you are in the Providence, Rhode Island or New Haven, Connecticut area, and are interested in finding out more about mommy makeovers, please visit the website of experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Goldstein at Coastal Plastic Surgery Center for an initial consultation.