Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Can I Tell If I Have Vertebral Subluxations? by Nick Messe

We are all looking for ways to obtain true health. Although there appears to be a prescription for every ailment, many are searching for more natural ways to heal the body and allow it to function properly. Understanding the body is key to natural healing.

For example, the spine and the central nervous system are key players in the overall function of the entire body. If the communication between brain and body is compromised, the body experiences discomfort and is unable to work efficiently. Vertebral subluxation is a common cause of this disconnect in the nervous system. It can lead to multiple physical issues, but is easily treatable without medication.

Vertebral subluxation is a disturbance in the positioning and motion of the spinal bones. This deviation from healthy alignment causes disturbances in the pathways from certain nerves to the brain. It is caused by the body's reaction to stress. The muscles surrounding the spine tighten and spasm, forcing the spinal bones into an unnatural position. The adjacent nerves are affected, resulting in multiple health issues.

This goes beyond causing back pain and headaches. It can also lead to stomach issues and pain throughout the body. For instance, if the nerves transferring information to the brain regarding the stomach are affected, a person may experience vomiting, pain, and other gastrointestinal issues. Due to its ability to impact many body systems, vertebral subluxation needs to be identified and treated right away.

The only way to diagnose vertebral subluxation is through a Chiropractor. These doctors understand the role the spine and its alignment play in the overall health of the body. A visit to a Chiropractic Clinic is the best way to return the body to its optimum working order. Since this problem is brought on by stress and its resulting muscle spams, there is a possibility that the body could heal itself if the case is mild.

Reducing stress, rest, and stretching can stop the spasms and return the spine to proper position. However, most cases of vertebral subluxation go unnoticed until they have reached the advanced stages. Chiropractic treatments are the only way to realign the spinal bones, allowing the nerves to properly communicate the needs of the body.

The treatments are a series of controlled movements that are used to reposition the bones. They may also include the use of massage therapists to loosen the muscles that have caused the initial movement. How quickly the patient feels relief depends on the severity of the problem. Many patients feel a difference in a few weeks.

The human body is a machine of intertwined systems. A disconnect or weakness in one system immediately affects the efficiency of the others. This is obvious in vertebral subluxation. The stress that affects the muscles around the spinal bones leads to a breakdown in the communication of the nervous system. This has the potential to wreck havoc on all areas of the body. A visit to a Chiropractor is the only way to diagnosis this issue, treat the body and allow the patient to achieve optimum health.