Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oral Hygiene Tips: How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

People get haircuts. They shave their faces or legs, as the gender may be. They buy make-up and cologne, keep their cars washed and mow their front lawns in Lakeway. So why is it so hard for so many people to conduct proper daily oral hygiene? Although studies across the board claim people believe their smile to be their most prominent facial feature, only about 30% of Americans say they floss daily. Good oral hygiene can turn bad breath into fresh breath. Here are some tips to help you remember your daily oral hygiene needs.

1. Take a Toothbrush to Work

The average set of teeth needs brushing with toothpaste after every meal. The post-lunch brushing can be the most difficult. You’re at work, so you don’t have a toothbrush. At least bringing a toothbrush with you gives you the option of brushing. If you can get your hands on a mini toothpaste too, that would be ideal. Many people hesitate to brush teeth at work out of embarrassment; what if your coworker walks into the restroom while you’re foaming at the mouth? Spitting more frequently can be an easy solution to the foam. The general act of brushing, while personal, is not embarrassing; in fact, it’s something to be proud of. If office gossip catches wind of your hidden brushing, the most they can say is that you care enough about yourself to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

2. Coordinate Your Flossing

Flossing can be the most difficult daily oral hygiene to remember, and it is absolutely pertinent to your oral health; most people should floss at least once a day. A habit which greatly increases flossing patterns is coordinating your flossing in conjunction with another daily habit; for example, if you shower at night, floss right after showering. If you wear contacts, floss when you take them out at the end of the day. This way, it becomes an automatic behavior patter, instead of something you hate and avoid.

3. Be Conscious of Your Guilty Pleasures

No one’s going to deny you that cup of coffee, ring of smoke or glass of red, red wine, but remain conscious of your consumption patterns. When you allow yourself that piece of candy as a mid-afternoon snack, take a quick trip to the bathroom for a brushing afterwards.

4. Schedule That 6-Month Cleaning, EVERY 6 Months

It’s so easy to tell yourself, “Well, I’m brushing my teeth every day; my dental hygienist won’t do anything better than that! I’ll wait another year.” However, a professional dental cleaning reaches into the crannies and crevices further than even the most thorough personal cleaning.

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