Sunday, January 15, 2012

Laser Hair Remova: Not Just for Women Anymore by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

When women discovered laser hair removal, razors gleefully found their way into trashcans in all corners of the U.S. Now, men are doing the same. Laser hair removal has become a viable option to diminish or completely erase hair all over the body for people of either gender.

Why Men Get Laser Hair Removal in Austin, TX

Possibly the most common reason men choose the laser hair removal route is due to the wishes of their romantic partner, or just general sex appeal. Everyone’s like to look and feel good about themselves. If your partner’s expressing disappointment in your physical appearance, you want to change that aspect of your body. Laser hair removal makes it easy to light the load of chest hair, or totally get rid of that mass of back hair.

For athletes – cyclists, swimmers and bodybuilders in particular – less hair equals better performance. Bodybuilders display muscles more easily; cyclists and swimmers move faster. In Austin, the home of Lance Armstrong, the Lady Bird Lake pathways and the Greenbelt, cyclists in particular find laser hair removal worthwhile.

However, if you’re not an athlete and don’t want all the hair gone, just want a little thinning in a particular area, then laser hair removal may be your only option besides electrolysis. However, electrolysis can be more painful and more tedious, as it treats each individual hair. Laser hair removal involves pulsing a laser directly into each strand of hair within a given area, delivering a swift end to a large number of hairs.

Of particular benefit to men is the laser hair removal’s lack of pseudo-folliculitis, otherwise known as razor bumps. Laser hair removal also makes the 5 o’clock shadow null and void, as the lasers affect the hair beneath the skin’s surface as well as above.

Men Commonly Request Laser Hair Removal on These Areas

The back, chest and abs tend to be the most popular hair removal requests from male customers. The hair growth at the nape of the neck can become tedious to cut; getting laser hair removal around that small little triangle eradicates that irritation. Additionally, men with a lot of hair may request brow shaping to get rid of a unibrow appearance.

Laser Hair Removal Warnings for Men

Refrain from making a laser hair removal appointment at your Austin cosmetic dermatology clinic if you have a recent tan. It can result in blistering or odd discoloration. If you have blond, red or gray hair, the laser hair removal process may not work for you; laser hair removal works by picking up on the melanin in the hair strands, and lighter hair colors do not have the same levels of melanin.

If you’re interested in laser hair removal, call Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, a top Austin dermatology clinic. During your appointment, the professionals at Dr. Zimmet’s dermatology office get you in and out as swiftly as possible while addressing all your needs and concerns.