Sunday, January 15, 2012

Smile Makeover: Enhance Your Health & Confidence by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

If your mouth needs a helping hand from a cosmetic dentist, you may need a smile makeover. An extreme smile makeover may entail multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures, addressing mouths with multiple cosmetic dental problems.

Getting a Smile Makeover: The First Steps

Initially, your Austin cosmetic dentist will do a complete overview of your dental structure. During a professional dental cleaning, they will take dental x-rays, analyzing your oral health in thorough detail. If your mouth has health issues, you may need to employ restorative dentistry before pursuing cosmetic dentistry. Your teeth and gums need a certain level of health to support a cosmetic smile makeover. Undergoing individual restorative dentistry procedures or a full mouth reconstruction, if necessary, will provide that security in your oral health.

What Cosmetic Procedures My Mouth Needs

Your cosmetic dentist takes a variety of personalized factors into consideration when planning your smile design. Ultimately, your Austin dentist customizes your smile to not only address each dental concern you have, but also to craft your perfect smile in conjunction with your face. Each facial structure promotes a different concept of beauty, and your unique smile design should complement that structure.

Additionally, your cosmetic dental services may address:

Tooth positions. Many people don’t think about the way their jaw sits or the spacing between their teeth. However, these factors can be a large contribution to the aesthetics of your smile. If you’re missing a tooth, your dental implant dentist can provide a fairly permanent solution. If your teeth are spaced incorrectly, a cosmetic orthodontic option lies in Invisalign®. A certified Invisalign® dentist is qualified to provide this cosmetic dental service.

Tooth color. Zoom!® teeth whitening is an in-office tooth whitening procedure which brightens your teeth by multiple shades. Your Austin dentist may also provide bleaching trays to whiten your teeth at home.

Tooth length. The length of a person’s teeth can directly affect the aesthetic of a smile. For gummy smiles, crown lengthening can extend the surface area of the crown; for exposed roots, gingival grafting covers the sensitive area. If your dentist doesn’t offer these oral surgeries, they may refer you to a periodontist.

For more information on extreme smile makeovers, contact Austin cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike McCarty. He offers free consultations to answer your questions and concerns.