Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Are Magnetic Bracelets Useful by Michele Walls

Many people who suffer from illnesses tend to use magnetic bracelets, in a way to help cure what they have. These illnesses, can range from carpal tunnel disorder, arthritis, to even sleeping disorders. There are many companies in the medical world that promote the benefits of using these magnetic bracelets, as a way to help with your illness as an alternative to science medicine. However, many of the researchers have yet to find any real evidence to support whether or not it actual does help.

History of the Magnetic

magnetic bracelets, have been used to help combat against the fight of illnesses since the days of Hippocrates, in Greece during the early centuries, and they may have been used much earlier than that. There has been research done to suggest that Cleopatra, even slept with a stone that was magnetic on her forehead to try to stop herself from growing old. At the time of the 15th century, a Swiss physician named Paracelsus, identified magnets, as a way to help energize the body and help to ignite the healing process. Further along in the history, a physician in the 18th century named, Franz Anton Mesmer, deemed that in our bodies we have magnetic poles, and if they were to be moved out of alignment, they could ignite the process of an illnesses. He also thought that, even just by touching patients he could heal them because of the magnetic flow from him to his patients body.

Scientific Evidence About Magnets

There has been no real evidence so far, to support the claims that alternative ways to heal, by using magnets can cure or help with conditions or diseases. The Cochrane Colloboration, in 2003, reviewed 21 different studies in regards to the effects on magnets on patients who have carpal tunnel syndrome, these studies didn't find any real benefits to wearing the magnets. There have been many studies that have been inconclusive in terms of whether or not these magnetic bracelets have any real benefit, more research will need to be done, to determine if they are helpful.

The theory of Magnets

There are many different theories when it comes to how magnets will effect the body. When it comes to alternative medicine, many believe they can help with such things as: increase the oxygen in your blood, improve your circulation, minimize the formation of plaque that causes the high cholesterol levels, it may increase endorphins and the magnets could also help relax the muscles and the blood vessels.

Can magnetic bracelets Help?

Even though there are many scientist who claim that there is no real evidence in supporting the organizations that sell magnets, using these magnetic bracelets will not damage your health. You may see some benefit when using these magnets, but whether or not it is just a placebo effect or if it is the magnet working, will be quite difficult to determine. However, if you do use any form of medicine such as, intrathecal, insulin, or a chemotherapy pump and an implanted defibrillator then using magnets may actually interfere with how they operate.