Monday, February 6, 2012

Altadrine Body Shaper In Cases Of Water Retention by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

Description of the aesthetic machine

Altadrine Bodyshaper is an aesthetic machinery produced by Alta Care Laboratoires for cases of water retention and water accumulation in the legs and in the abdomen. It is based on galvanisation and on stimulation and offers 4 different wave forms, 2 of which for fluid removal and the others for bio-stimulation. It produces galvanic currents with automatic slow-balanced-type reversal and overlap at various frequencies and different impulses stimulation.

Body Shaper contains a circuit of constant and galvanic current adjustable from 1 to 10 mA and stimulation intensity with tension from 0 to 80 volts. A safety automatic device against irregularities of the electronic system, can guarantee a real safety of subject to be treated. Besides, it is provided with a digital timer to program treatments lasting from 1 to 99 minutes with a time-minutes display. An acoustic signal will give a “bip” at the end of treatment.

Description of treatment

1. An aromapatch is applied to the top of the towel before the treatment commences to aid relaxation

2. Bearwalk ritual is performed to help the client relax and get used to the therapist's touch

3. The appropriate Dermastir serum is massaged onto the areas being treated

4. The suit is soaked in saline solution with appropriate Dermastir serum

5. The Client is then helped into the suit by the therapist and onto the treatment bed

6. Bands are applied to the areas to be treated

7. Body shaper is switched on and the intensity will be adjusted according to client's feedback

8. Once appropriate programme and intensity are selected the treatment will commence

9. Once the programme is finished, the client is helped out of the suit and the appropriate Dermastir serum is applied

10. Altadrine anti-cellulite patches are applied where needed

11. Bearwalk finishing treatment is performed to complete the treatment

12. A 1 litre drink of Altadrine thalasso is given to the client to continue the draining and detoxifying after the treatment

Treatment indications and benefits

Altadrine Body Shaper offers a revolutionary method for slimming body treatment, which has given excellent results in experimentation. Results are visible from the very first treatment. Galvanisation has the function of increasing the activity of the micro-circle, acting a vasodilator mechanism that releases the stagnation of cellulites and liquids. Bio stimulation on muscles creates a natural “pumping” to facilitate drainage of substances that, stagnating in tissues, generate cellulites and adiposity problems. Thanks to this method, short-time results of biological normalisation can be obtained without any risk.

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