Monday, February 6, 2012

Powerful Information That Teaches You About Nordic Naturals Fish Oil by Rudy Silva

An unbelievable number of fish oil supplements are now sold in health food stores and markets. We can see fish oil supplements, fish oil pills, fish oil capsules and even fish oil vitamins. These varies products only result to confusion. It becomes difficult to determine what product would work best for you.

In finding the best fish oil item for you, it is important to check the purity of the fish in which the oil was extracted. First, the fish should be free of mercury and other contaminants, which only mean that it should come from clean environment and water region.

Nordic Sea is considered as one of the cleanest water on earth. Because of that, fishes that live in there are usually purer than those that came from other territories.

Next is potency. In this requirement, it is important that you look at the materials used in making the product that you are buying. Don’t be fooled with the “1200 mg fish oil per capsule” label found on the product that you are buying. Look at the healthy nutrients that your body needs.

The human body, although in need of Omega fats, is not capable of producing them. We obtain them by food eating that contains them. Part of these fats is found in vegetables and vegetables oils, but fishes are a great source.

When we eat fish, we allow our body to consume small amount of the fats that we need. To get more omegas than what a good serving of fist has, then you would need to take a fish supplement.

As an alternative source, flax seed oil can also be used to replenish our body with omega fats found in fishes. Unfortunately, some side effects may occur if you consume too much of this oil. In addition the nutrient EPA and DHA are not found naturally in flax oil. If you take flax oil your body needs to covert it, using an enzyme, to EPA and DHA.

Fish oil companies talk proudly of what their products are made of. Sadly, not all of them contain the same healthy nutrient that others have. Moreover, not all of them are sold for the same price!

Like other fish oil products, Nordic naturals fish oil contains EPA and DHA. These two are essential oils that your body needs, and unfortunately, most of us are lacking these oils. With these two nutrients, we could easily take advantage of fish oil benefits.

EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid is a fatty acid provide benefits for blood clot prevention and cardiovascular improvement. Subsequently, DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is the fat that plays an important role in the transmission of pulses from our brain to the different nerves in our body. This fat is also present in the tissues found in you retina and brain.

Aside from their individual functions, these two works hand in hand to prevent inflammations in our body. With this, they reduce the potential of early or premature heart stroke.

Nordic naturals fish oil is a quality fish oil. Like many other top oil products, it provides you with oil that has very little contamination or toxic matter.