Monday, February 6, 2012

Lose Weight Dieting - With A Fat Burning Diet by Angelina Jewels

So you want to lose weight dieting but with so much confusing information out there you need to know which diets will work for you but most importantly which diets are healthy for you as you certainly don't want any unwanted side effects as some people have had with other well known diets. You can achieve all of these goals with a fat burning diet.

A fat burning diet will help you lose weight dieting because it deals with your biggest problem that your body loves to store fat as you get older to protect you. You will probably have found that your metabolism has slowed down and now its time to change that. The first thing you have to do is get rid of all the fat storing foods some of which may surprise you. Some of these include orange juice, all wheat breads (not rice bread), cereals, yogurts and cheeses to name a few. In essence all wheat and dairy products with the exception of eggs.

All the foods I am telling you to give up are mainly new foods that our ancestors didn't eat back in the times of the stone age and they lived a very healthy life relative to there environment. So to lose weight dieting eat what they eat i.e. all meats and fish, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. You can also eat eggs. You should also replace your meal time drink with water and freshly squeezed lemon. This will do two things firstly it will replace the vitamins and more that your missing from giving up orange juice and secondly it's probably the best detoxifier for your body on this planet.

So you can lose weight dieting just make sure you eat the foods in the right quantity in relation to your metabolism and body weight. So are you going to be decisive and do something about it today or will you still be reading articles like this in six months time?