Friday, February 10, 2012

Fat Is Not Where It's At by George Hutton

There is one thing that has been growing steadily for the past several years. And I'm not talking about crime, or the national debt. I'm talking about the excess weight that you carry around your belly. We, as adults, have been getting fatter and fatter over the past few years. And unless we do something about it, we are only going to grow more rotund and obese. So, now that I've got your attention, what should we do about it?

And the solution boils down to two different areas of focus. One is to improve our eating habits. To banish fast food from your mind, and to think of only wholesome food like olive oil and cabbage. To shun unhealthy foods like chips and ice cream, and eat more celery and raw fish. Of course, this is easy to say, but when you go to the grocery store, and find yourself surrounded by chocolate chip cookies just begging to be eaten, then that is a different story.

The other side of the coin is exercise. Physical movement, that burns more calories that we take in. Only then will we be able to lose our collective spare tires and fit back into the clothes of our high school days. But what is the best form of exercise? If you go down to your local fitness club, you will be presented with a wide assortment of choices that can confuse even a seasoned professional.

Not to mention the ever lasting debate between cardiovascular exercise, or weight training. Both of these have both their good points, and their bad points. But if you are just starting out on an exercise and weight loss program, what is best for you? What is the best way to begin a program that will not only help you to lose unwanted extra weight, but will also improve your self confidence and self esteem as well?

Well, dear reader, the answer is simple walking. Walking is an age old practice that has been secretly passed down from generation to generation. Since the beginning of time itself, humankind has walked to find enlightenment and to burn calories. And you can do it just as easily as you can sit and eat ice cream during your favorite TV show.

The great thing about walking is that you, by virtue of your humanity, come pre programmed with highly developed walking skills already. You don't need to learn anything new, nor take any special classes or instruction. Stand up, shout that you aren't going to take this blubber anymore, and go outside for a walk. Once you make this a habit, you'll notice some wonderful things creeping into your life where the blubber once was. Good luck.