Friday, February 10, 2012

Need Help In Choosing Colour Contacts? by Rudy Silva

The current estimate is that 2% of the world population use contacts. Some wear them to cure visual problems of various kinds. Those with presbyopia or astigmatism can also wear corrective lenes. Some people use them as the theme as part of their costume and others just use it to gain new looks or to gain a new appearance.

Of course the given number of users is not static, because, more and more people are attracted to them. For that reason, contact lens makers and companies try offer wider selections to the market.

If you want to buy colour lenes, you must first know that there are different kinds. They include those that can alleviate eye problems and those that just change the color of your eyes.

Note also that there is a variety of colors and designs that can instantly change your appearance. You can choose anything that can make you look like a vampire, a person possessed by the spirit and other crazy looks. Tinted contact lenses can turn your eyes from brown to red, green, blue or gray.

The great number of choices and a large number of brands make it difficult to tell which contacts are the best. But if you want to know "what are the most popular contact lenses, then perhaps it would be a good idea to look at them categorically.

In the case of the most popular colors, popular options include opaque, contact with enhancement tints, vision enhancement lenses, sports lenses. Among these, are the opaque.

Opaque lenses are the fashionable types. They can change your eyes appearance therefore creating a different you. They are generally non- prescription contact lenses which makes them accessible for almost everybody.

When it comes to hues or colors, there are about five popular options. They are green, blue, gray, and brown lenses. Their popularity is attributed to numbers of reasons.

One of the reasons why these colors are popular is because they can appear so natural in our eyes. People wouldn’t really notice them until unless they get close to you. Another reason is that they can truly bring great improvement your looks. With these colors, we can look younger, fairer or fresher.

When it comes to popularity, brand is also an important category to consider. These companies, Fresh Color and Acuvue contact lenses, are the two famous brands in contacts. They are both offered in most optometric stores all over the world. If you are familiar with these brands and like them, ask for them at your optometrist.

Moreover, both of these brands offer wide range of contacts, from corrective to cosmetic types. They also have daily coloured contact lenses or the disposable kinds or annual contacts.

One other thing most people look at is price. The cheap colour contacts are the more people will buy them. It is best not to buy the cheapest since they are more likely to tear. But, if you only want them for fashion, than the cheapest price is best.