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Gastritis symptoms and treatment

Gastritis symptoms and treatment

Many people do not realize the valuable role played by the body in the stomach. After all, how true is the process of digestion, everything depends human health. Food nourishes the blood substances entering with her, and they in turn take a direct part in the whole exchange process. If the stomach is feeding poorly, it leads to disruption of the entire body.

All violations and incorrect operation leads to the fact that a person develops gastritis. This is a popular disease that is characterized by inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Distinguish gastritis with low or high acidity.

Causes of gastritis
The most common cause of gastritis have bacterium Helicobacter pylori, gastritis and may develop due to improper diet (fast food chewing, use of substandard products, dinners "on the go " or " dry rations ") because of constant stress, smoking and alcohol or - for long-term use of drugs. Also, gastritis mucosa may burn various chemical agents, such as alcohol, acid, alkali.

Forms of gastritis
There are two forms of gastritis : acute and chronic.
Acute gastritis is developing very fast. His agent is Helicobacter pylori, or various other bacteria. If not immediately treated acute gastritis, this may lead to formation of ulcers. It develops, responding to mucosal injury, while allocated special substances that fight for removing the threat. So there is an inflammatory process, but it not only destroys the mucosa, but also tries to restore its integrity.
Acute gastritis is of several types: simple, corrosive, phlegmonous, fibrinous and chronic. The first type of gastritis develops as a consequence of falling into the stomach of stale products that are infected with germs. In this type of mucosa is subject to minor destruction. Corrosive gastritis occurs through uptake in the various acids and alkalis, it is called chemical burns of the gastric mucosa. When it destroyed even deeper layers of the stomach wall. Corrosive gastritis gives rise to the development of ulcers. The third type of gastritis - this abscess. It is characterized by a purulent inflammation, and it may be the causative agent of a foreign object caught in the stomach, for example, a fish bone. This type requires immediate surgery, otherwise, the disease goes into peritonitis and fatal end. Fibrinous gastritis occurs as a result of sepsis, but it is found in rare cases.
If properly treat acute gastritis, almost all symptoms disappear within a week, but full recovery comes much later. Most often, it is characterized by increased production of acid.
Chronic gastritis is a consequence of acute or may manifest itself as an independent disease. It can occur for a long time and did not make itself felt. The main reasons for its occurrence is getting the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, or bile reflux of the stomach. In chronic gastritis, gastric mucosa is subject to deep and massive destruction, and the production of gastric acid and decreases. As mentioned above, chronic gastritis can occur without symptoms, but in the period of exacerbation is characterized by attacks of pain, discomfort, nausea after every meal, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea, bloating and rumbling power.

Symptoms of gastritis
All symptoms of gastritis depend on the form of the disease. In acute gastritis appear continuous abdominal pain. It occurs most often in the morning and after meals or on an empty stomach. May also cause nausea, heartburn, belching sour taste, recurrent attacks, general weakness of the body, headaches, constipation or diarrhea, fever, low blood pressure. Symptoms of chronic gastritis is a poor appetite, nausea and aching after a meal, a bad taste in the mouth, bloating, fatigue of the whole organism, the bundle of nails and dry hair.

Complications of gastritis
Gastritis is not considered to be very dangerous diseases. However, after some time he can give dangerous complications such as gastric bleeding of ulcers or cancer. Patients with gastritis people begin to lose weight, as they develop beriberi.

Treatment of gastritis
As a rule, the treatment of any form of gastritis should start with diet: food should not be too cold or hot, solid foods should be chewed well, do not need to eat large portions and at least five times a day, it is not recommended to use carbonated water. Treatment is usually carried out for about two weeks. If heartburn hurts the patient, then you need to take Aluminium phosphate gel with Maalox. Doses appoints doctor, and he alone, self unacceptable. Also, doctors recommend Motilium, it improves gastric motility. That would heal the mucosa, it is necessary to take solkoseril, kalefron gastrofarm or, again, it all depends on the destinations and the doctor's recommendations. Also, it would be nice to implement the treatment of gastritis in some specialized sanatorium.

Preventive measures
Prevention of gastritis includes a few basic rules. First - this is a balanced diet, it should be frequent and in small portions. The second rule - it is personal hygiene : brushing your teeth at least twice a day, wash your hands and all the fruits and vegetables and pre- cooking. To gastritis not escalated, we must reject the acute and fatty foods, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. To prevent the emergence or exacerbation of gastritis should always lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
All illnesses should be treated in time, because one disease after a while moves into another. And most importantly, treatment should be carried out only under medical supervision.