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Stomach ulcer symptoms and treatment

Stomach ulcer symptoms and treatment

According to statistics, on a stomach ulcer affects about 15% of people worldwide. For their own benefit, it is necessary to know what kind of illness that he is for a bear and how to cure it ?
Stomach ulcer - is the destruction of the local internal cavity of the stomach ( mucosa ), in rare cases can be broken and submucosal ball. It occurs due to the action of bile fluid, hydrochloric acid and pepsin enzyme. Ulcer size is generally not more than one centimeter. After healing, she always leaves a scar. The concentration of the acidity, typically, is not increased. Ulcer disease may be exacerbated in the spring and fall.

Causes of ulcers
When the stomach is sick, it works now with the protective and aggressive factors. Security - it is mucus, aggressive - gastric juice. If the predominance takes second factor - there is a peptic ulcer. The impetus for its formation and may contribute to the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Also the main cause of ulcers may be permanent dose of medication, such as aspirin, use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, poor nutrition, decreased immune system, vitamin deficiency, stress, damage to the abdominal space and vertebra, hereditary factors.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers are caused by a greater extent the person's age and placement of most ulcers. The main symptom is severe pain " in his stomach " ( epigastric area ) that appear after eating. Also, sick people may also feel such symptoms of gastric ulcers as sour belching, constant heartburn, vomiting after eating, weight loss.

How to diagnose peptic ulcer disease ?
To diagnose an ulcer, you need to do these actions : pass feces on the definition of the inner blood to explore the function of the stomach, which forms acid, X-rays and spend electrogastroenterography, pass a detailed analysis of the blood.

Do I need surgery for ulcers ?
If a timely appeal to the doctor, and then accurately perform all his appointments and recommendations, the surgery will not be necessary, and the ability to work quickly restored. Operation is required only when there are complications, but they are the result of neglect ulcers.

Complications of ulcerative disease
The most dangerous complication of this disease, stomach ulcers, perforation have - is the process by which completely destroyed mucosa and destruction comes to the outer fabric. Under the slightest action, for example, cough, breakthrough occurs, and all that is in the stomach goes into the abdominal cavity. This person feels terrible pain to impatience. In such a case requires immediate surgical intervention. Also, another serious complication has bloodstream. It may be due to a defect of the blood vessel, which is caused by an ulcer. And another complication - is to reduce the area perehozhdeniya stomach into the duodenum, so that the food does not pass and retained in the stomach, and then starts to rot.

Exacerbation of gastric ulcers
As mentioned above, the exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease most often occurs in autumn and spring, and therefore patients should not wait for signs of illness gain and to take preventive measures in accordance with the treating physician.

Treatment of gastric ulcers
Treatment of peptic ulcer disease depends on the general condition of the patient and its possible allergic reactions to any medications, as well as the severity of the disease. Treatment of gastric ulcers involves the use of drugs such as antibiotics, they give a very large effect, the doctor may prescribe aluminum hydroxide in a liquid form, but it can not be used more than 15 days ; alsukral or sucralfate in the stomach constitute "protection", protecting the ulcer from gastric juice because under its influence it can grow. All types and dosages of medications prescribed individually and only physician, self-medication in any time is unacceptable. Also important is the observance of special food containing certain products.

Ulcer treatment in folk medicine
Treatment of gastric ulcers in folk medicine can be implemented only after consulting your doctor and use it as an adjunct to medical treatment. Treat ulcers can use sea buckthorn oil, juice usual cabbage and potatoes, oatmeal broth. For ulcer healing very well to a combination of yogurt and vegetable oil, which is consumed at night. Treatment of gastric ulcers in folk medicine, and also includes the use of different herbs such as plantain, calendula, mint, tysyacheletnik, lime or chamomile.

Prevention of gastric ulcers
That prevent ulcers, you need to follow some rules. The first rule is to avoid fried, greasy, spicy, strong cold or hot food. The second rule is a timely dental treatment, as food must be chewed thoroughly. Third - do not use tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. Also, during gastric pain should immediately be tested.
Stomach ulcer - it's quite unpleasant disease, but if he paid special attention, it will pass very quickly. Importantly, at the first sign to contact the doctor and avoid any complications.