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In our body only three milligrams of the substance. But it is melatonin controls the progress of the biological clock, and therefore all of our lives.

Melatonin today say a lot. He is considered a mild sedative, tablets travelers.

Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland ( epiphysis ). This hormone was discovered in the middle of the last century. Discover it was only through the development of radioimmunoassay techniques - too little of its content in the blood. Peak research occurred during the past decade of the twentieth century, and then it turned out that the level of melatonin - vacillates. Its amount depends not only on age, but even the time of day. To this day, scientists continue to discover his new, sometimes unexpected properties.

It is true, but not all. Also called " hormone - vampire." No, he's not dangerous - on the contrary, brings only benefits. Just like a vampire waking up, that is produced only at night, in complete darkness.

Almost every second inhabitant metropolis have trouble sleeping. Someone interferes with sleep stress, someone forced awake because of work, someone had stayed with friends... But if we do not sleep when necessary, the biological clock gets off and broken rhythm of melatonin. As a result, develops insomnia.
Lack of melatonin blame and insomnia in the elderly age : over the years, reduced the activity of the pineal gland - an organ in the brain that produces melatonin. If offset its lack of sleep becomes deeper and sweeter.
Melatonin helps and jet lag while traveling. When the internal biological clock we morning, and in the city where arrived, late at night and go to sleep, this hormone gently translate arrows on the new time.
Melatonin - not just another sleeping pill. Because it is a natural substance for our body, it has a mild sedative effect not directly responsible for the effect on sleep structure of the brain, but rather inhibits the wake modes, ie, the so-called gate opens sleep. When a sufficient amount of melatonin in the body we sleep soundly and wake up cheerful, with a good mood.
Melatonin really depends on the natural structure of sleep. With his participation in the dream goes fast stage when our memory scroll Pictures,

For full melatonin need :
· Sleep with drawn curtains,
· Try not to include a night light if you want to get up,
· If you have to work at night, let the lighting will be minimal.
associated with the emotional experiences of the day. Perhaps it is because of him adults see erotic dreams. It would be wrong to equate with sleeping pills, melatonin : it a completely different mechanism of action. "

It would not be so serious if it were only about the regulation of biorhythms. But our biological clock is metered not only sleep, but months and years. As with age, the amount of melatonin naturally decreases as the sand in the hourglass, we can assume that the engine runs and aging. And if we regularly go to bed in the morning, it significantly reduces the production of this hormone - sand in the top of the clock becomes smaller, and hence, will be launched before the deadline is the program.
Direct evidence that melatonin affects life expectancy today is not. There is indirect. For example, laboratory studies on animals have shown that if artificially increase daylight hours, thus reducing the dark, the growing number of free radicals - the main causes of aging, developing diseases such as cancer and obesity.

Use melatonin
· With frequent nocturnal awakenings - 1.5-3 mg 15 minutes before bedtime.
· If you have difficulty falling asleep - 1.5-3 mg 3-4 hours before bedtime.
· When you change time zones :
- To the east - 3 mg at night the day before departure and after the flight for 4 days before going to bed ;
- To the west - after the flight of 3 mg at bedtime for 4 days.
associated with aging in females before menopause occurs. But with the introduction of additional doses of melatonin life of animals was significantly increased. That is evident that included screens and city lights literally steal years of our lives !
Proven that melatonin - the strongest antioxidant. In women it is 25% higher than males. Possibly including why women live longer.

Melatonin - a natural defense mechanism that nature has developed. Studies have shown that melatonin as an antioxidant in 2 times more active than vitamin E, and 5 times - glutathione. And nearly 500 times greater than the best synthetic antioxidants which are commonly used in the protection from radiation. Activity of melatonin is explained including its ability to dissolve in water and fats, making it easily overcomes all obstacles in the cell, passes freely through the membrane and affects different processes that occur within the cell.

One of the modern scientific trends - look for opportunities to heal within a person, penetrating deeper into the world of cells and beyond. Probably, melatonin will be one of the major, and perhaps universal medications given to us by nature. It really protects against many diseases.

In a sense, the pineal gland - this is the third eye. Because he is able to perceive light to bring internal physiological rhythms in harmony with environmental conditions - with the change of day and night. Through melatonin is occurring. But in today's world of biological evolution of man manages civilization, and today there is a reduction in the size of the pineal gland in the newborn. Perhaps her sensitivity, communication with sunrises and sunsets is becoming less relevant for people with such intense light around the clock.

Immunology. At elevated concentrations of melatonin activated immune cells that help fight bacteria and viruses. Melatonin also helps the immune system to distinguish where "their" cells, where "foreign". Violation of this ability leads to autoimmune diseases.
Cardiology. Another important property of melatonin - it prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessel wall and reduces the production of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, melatonin may be used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and it operates to reduce the pressure in hypertension.
Oncology. Melatonin inhibits the production of estrogen, and it is precisely these elevated levels of female hormones can cause breast cancer. Whatever the reason for the development of cancer ( genetic predisposition, lifestyle, etc.), immunomodulatory effects of melatonin can be used for their prevention and for treatment.
Neurology. Sufficiently high levels of this hormone prevents neuronal death in the brain. This improves memory ( and visual and auditory ), normal mental activity. Now actively investigate the possibility of melatonin for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

In a sense, a dream - really the best medicine. Because melatonin works while we sleep. Well, if you can not sleep - you can take it in pill. Careful studies have shown that the risk of overdose is virtually impossible to get, even if prescribed by a norm exceed tenfold. Anyway, in 20 years it is quite widespread use in the world as a sleep aid or jet lag any significant side effects were noted.
Contraindications it quite a bit : age under 16 years, pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Although in many countries it is sold as a dietary supplement directly in supermarkets, and we can buy it without a prescription, yet this medicine, and before it does not interfere with taking consult your doctor.

Melatonin starts to be developed immediately after birth, and from the year before puberty it is present in the blood in fairly large quantities and almost unchanged. Then its level decreases sharply, and within five years, continues to fall. Approximately twenty years with performance levels of melatonin freeze and remain unchanged up to 40-45 years, followed by a gradual decrease in the amount of melatonin.

The values ​​of melatonin in the blood, and varies throughout the day. He begins to produce at nightfall and reaches a maximum concentration of 1 to 4.3 hours a night. It therefore is the best time to sleep. Then it starts to decrease production and light period days minimum presence of melatonin.

Diet for melatonin
Melatonin in the pineal gland is converted to amino acid tryptophan, which we get from food. Most regular melatonin products :
· Turkey meat
· Eggs
· Dairy products
· Soy products
· Almonds
· Algae