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Multiple sclerosis treatment

Multiple sclerosis treatment

Multiple sclerosis can occur in people who are 18 to 60 years, but more often appears in his youth. Female sex more endangered sick than men. Multiple sclerosis is not a hereditary disease.

To date, there is a hypothesis that the disease may be due to the effects of autoimmune processes that are associated with the nervous system or viral diseases incurred by the person in childhood. In case of aggravation of inflammatory foci are formed, causing swell electrically insulating sheath that covers the axons of many neurons. After some time, the swelling and inflammation passes gradually, but remain scar marks or affected areas. All processes of nerve cells stored unharmed. This gives you the opportunity to comment on why people there is a full or partial recovery. However, it is worth noting another defeat if there next to the old, the full restoration even speech can not be.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis
Almost half of the cases the data ailment manifested abnormalities in the motor system : spasms, weakness when driving, impaired coordination. Colic can occur in the hands and feet, numbness or their. Some people with vision problems begin : blurred or double vision. Also, may disrupt sexual function, loss of control over urination. In small patients, mainly those who have been sick sclerosis, reduced intelligence.

Diagnosis of MS
This disease is diagnosed through neurological examination, talk with the doctor and other methods. Today in modern medicine most accurately diagnose multiple sclerosis can use magnetic resonance imaging, as well as in patients with increased levels of human gamma and immunoglobulins in the cerebrospinal fluid. Regardless of the fact that immunological reactions are key in the progression of multiple sclerosis, it is important to constantly check their patients : taking blood immunoassay. This is necessary so that would make a comparison of how the immune system of a sick person at different times.

Treatment and preventive measures
For mild exacerbations of the disease is treated with a lot of drugs : drugs that improve blood flow tissues, tonic, vitamins, sedatives, anti-oxidants and if there is a necessity and antidepressants. In severe forms of acute hormonal appointed. During the five days you need to take large doses of hormones. This method is called pulse medical therapy. Use of drugs which depress the immune system and inflammatory enables rapid recovery and shorter life exacerbation. Hormones are usually not taken long courses that do not allow to develop side effects, but because they are the smallest. Also, quite common treatments is massage, cleaning blood from harmful toxins and stuff.
Multiple sclerosis often expressed exacerbations that contribute to other serious illnesses. To prevent them you need to take preventive measures that are in the application of immune modulators. These drugs contribute to the proper operation of immunity that allows respectively exacerbations occur to a lesser extent, as well as slow the progression of the disease.

Treatment alternative medicine
People suffering from active disease must maintain a valid lifestyle. Required complete rejection of smoking and drinking, you need to be protected from the summer sun and in any time you can not swim in hot water. Effective agent for the treatment of multiple sclerosis - mummy. It is firming and fills the body with vitamins and essential trace elements. Also, there is an effective royal jelly : normalizes metabolism and increases the security level of the whole organism. People suffering from the disease on, it is worth wiping apple cider vinegar, which is pre- diluted with water. Will be very useful fresh juices and oatmeal.