Saturday, February 15, 2014

Remedy for snoring

You can no longer hear it , but nowhere to go : your favorite snores like a locomotive . All you have left - to shift it from the back - on the side. Not to divorce , in the end!

According to statistics, every fifth man after 30 years snore during sleep. And it was his misfortune, not a fault . More precisely - the disease , which can and must be fought . Differently in the future to deal with it will need much more complicated procedures .
Where are these sounds?

Of course, snoring is not only men but also women and even children . So first understand why , in principle, there is this attack . And then look at why it is more susceptible to the stronger sex .

The sound of snoring makes tongue . The one located at each of us in the end of the soft palate and is considered a rudiment , ie - non-functional element . Tabs are short and long . Fluctuations in the past more meaningful and tangible . Over time, the tab " becomes loose ," vibration will increase, and add the vibration neighboring tissues of the nasopharynx

A thought: if trim tab , the main cause of snoring disappear? Right. But only under the condition that the process has not yet moved to an advanced stage .

However, first we must , in principle, to understand why some people have a tab " sleeping soundly " and others - desperately ranges .

Day and night, waking or sleeping , we inhale and exhale . This we set aside a certain unit of time for which the air must have time to get in and out respectively. The air flow rate depends on the size of the lumen of the airways. Than they already are , the faster during inspiration must find time to leak air. And this is the higher the speed, the louder and fiercer sound of snoring. That is, the root cause of "night trills " - narrowing of the airways. Nature decreed that the structure of these organs in women and men are different. The representatives of the stronger sex lumen airway more pliable and softer than the ladies . So , it is easier to constrict, passing through an air flow at high speed. What , in turn , provoke fluctuations tongue . Thus , the air in the nasopharynx men during sleep comes in the truest sense of the word " with a whistle ."

 Difference lumen airway structure - not the only reason why men snore fiercer and more often than women .

Obesity - the most significant reason for men snoring. In men, overweight is concentrated above (apple type) and is deposited in the immediate vicinity of the respiratory organs : the neck and larynx. During sleep in a horizontal position fat can put pressure on the airways , causing their lumen narrows and ... all right : there is snoring ! By the way, the male type of obesity in the female principle is more dangerous : it not only stimulates the "night trills", but also harms the cardiovascular system .

Hormones - may also prevent restful sleep in a noble family . It is believed that women - protect owners of their snoring . In particular, it is responsible for progesterone. He concentrates mainly in the female body and especially in large quantities produced during pregnancy. Progesterone stimulates the respiratory center , protecting women from the lack of light air when the size of the fetus. Most male hormone - testosterone , in contrast, is considered respiratory depressant . In its application respiratory rate falls . Therefore, women at a time when they have a lot of sex hormones protected from snoring , and men - always " vulnerable " weaker sex , after all.

    Besides personally "male" causes of snoring , there are also universal . Ie those for which snoring can make all , regardless of age and gender. Among them :
  •     ENT diseases ( enlarged , adenoids )
  •     nasopharyngeal defects ( broken nose );
  •     structural features of the face (small lower jaw )

   In the first two cases arise automatically narrowing of the airways. A miniature in the mandible or the so-called " bird " face language simply does not fit in his " house " - that is , in the oral cavity and displaced posteriorly , preventing normal breathing.

So, if a man is snoring , the first thing he needs :

 Objectively assess your weight and the presence of excess - to lose weight ! Grease usually disappears downward . And then pretty soon it neck area and get rid of excess pressure on the airways subsides.

 Avoid in a dream position " on the back ." Just in this posture of the tongue sinks down , regardless of the structure of the face . It is clear that to control himself in a dream a man can not . There are special tools . For example, the grandfather's method : a tennis ball sewn into his pajamas in the back area . And, accordingly, to get comfortable on the back of people are not able at all desire. Technical implementation of the same method : the electronic controller . It is worth to take a horizontal position as the device starts beeping and vibrating. Perhaps Assertive squeaks sensor even disgusting than the " rumblings " snoring. However , the tool really works!

Quit smoking. Of bad habits - smoking more than any other affects the respiratory system as it causes chronic inflammation of the walls .

Often sing! According to some scientists , some vocal exercises to help end the " night trills ."

Remember that allergic rhinitis may also cause the snoring , with help of nasal drops: vasoconstrictive hormone or

Better foot forward to a sleep doctor . This specialist will determine whether treatment lends itself to your snoring . And if - yes , it addresses directly to the surgeon on uvuloplastiku ( uvulya - tongue in Latin ), ( operation to remove a " culprit " of the problem - the very tongue - rudiment . There are different ways of carrying out this operation : surgical , laser , ultrasound . Main find one that is right for you . Moreover, not yourself tempted by an ad for " delete snoring ultrasound in seven seconds ." and together with the surgeon after consultation and examination. Select "tool" of treatment depends on the structure of the larynx and the individual organism . For example, the laser can not be operated in the deep parts of the pharynx , and the usual scalpel gives a fairly strong bleeding . However, regardless of the method chosen , uvuloplastika - the procedure is simple . it lasts about an hour and has no significant contraindications. only to whom it is not shown - people with ... snoring problem , at an advanced stage . Surgeons frankly say such patients , in the presence of a large number of delays apnea probability of " success of the enterprise " for them is less than 50 %.

The degree of neglect snoring is defined not by its volume ( it depends on the structure of the resonating cavities face , especially the maxillary sinuses ) , and the number of delays breathing per night. The more, the less likely success uvuloplastiki . When the number of delays breathing 30 or more per hour of sleep snoring is becoming a harbinger of serious health problems : rapidly developing cardiovascular diseases , particularly hypertension, affects the nervous and endocrine systems , there are frequent urge to urinate . Serious "consumer" becomes a problem is that due to lack of oxygen at night in men decreases testosterone production - decreased libido and potency . It is clear that with such a " gentleman's kit " person suffers and does not know who to turn to : to the urologist, cardiologist , sexologist . Meanwhile , here in the first place need to consult a sleep study and that accurately calculates the number of pauses in breathing during sleep and determine the extent of the neglect of snoring and possible consequences .
hardware procedure

 If a number of delays background snoring breathing per hour of sleep less than 20 , the case is solved by uvuloplastiki . At higher rates to facilitate the patient can sleep only with a special - CPAP machine (CPAP - English abbreviation constant positive airway pressure. Beneath it meant the creation of a continuous positive airway pressure during sleep ) . This device, which does not heal from the snoring , but helps to maintain normal breathing stops and without adverse effects . In appearance and functionality of the device is similar to an oxygen mask for pilots . Before going to bed mask attached to the nose and allows breathing freely during the night . But not in the rarefied stratosphere , and the private warm bed .