Friday, February 27, 2015

Useful morning habits

This morning useful habits - good mood all day. And they help to look good, be healthy and happy.Drink a glass of water
After waking up, experts recommend drinking a glass of water, because the skin is vaporized per night and plenty of fluids. More good will, if in water, add a slice of lemon - lemon juice stimulates the liver to release of toxins, and water displays these toxins through the excretory system.
That morning meal gives us the charge and energy for the whole day, so it should be treated very seriously. Nutritionists advise to start your day with oatmeal. It has anti-stress effect, so it is especially recommended for those with no reason to be nervous over nothing, falls into melancholy and could not sleep for a long time. Why so soothing oatmeal? It contains large amounts of B vitamins, they are responsible for the health of our nervous system, and at the same time for clear skin and hair density. Open you another secret: green tea, apples and pineapples invigorate much better coffee and, in addition, contain huge amounts of vitamins, which are so lacking in the spring.
I wash with cool water
Cool water will refresh a person will narrow pores and improve blood circulation. Another plus in favor of cool water in the fact that it, unlike hot is not as strong concentration of chlorine that you will agree, is much more useful for the skin.
Listen to your biorhythms
Our body lives on its own, internal clock and is capable of at different times in different ways to take these or other procedures. For example, early in the morning, even if you sleep, the skin is already beginning its work: it activates the endocrine glands and actively produces hormones that are responsible for protection against negative environmental factors. At 8 o'clock in the morning, our circulation is at its peak activity. Skin like a sponge absorbs everything than with faces, and therefore it is particularly susceptible to allergies. At that time prohibited squeeze pimples and inflammation. Best assistant for the skin now will be protective day cream that protects against loss of moisture and UV light. But the anti-cellulite creams is better to postpone until the evening - usually these funds even more to stimulate blood circulation, which may affect the blood vessels. For the same reasons contraindicated bath and sauna, but swimming in the pool, on the contrary, will benefit. We would like to say about running. If your goal - to lose weight, it is recommended to run it in the morning, in the intervals between 6 and 8 hours.
Cleanses the skin
Many people believe that you need to clean the skin only in the evening, for the night, she did not have time to get dirty. However, it is fundamentally wrong. In the morning, the skin has its "contamination", arising from the fact that it breathes separating fat and moisture, which adheres to the dust gathered in a room with fiber pillows, etc. But most of all, our skin suffers from its own dedicated - from dead cells that make the complexion dull and cause premature aging.

Wake up alarm clock
If you are one of those who loves to sleep the extra five minutes to the last translates Service, remember: your sleep in these moments will be disturbing, poor and inefficient. In other words, in those moments you do not relax, and indulge their laziness. As a result, slept, angry at the situation and start the day with aggression. Wake up on the first call alarm - this is the same habit that needs to be developed: go to bed and crank Service is always one and the same time. Then you will learn to get up early and quickly.