Monday, February 23, 2015

Causes, diagnosis, treatment of prostatitis and prostate massage

Sadly it sounds, but such diseases as prostatitis suffered almost a third of our male population. So what is the prostatitis and how to deal with this disease. Let's start with the fact that the prostate - a Latin term prostate. The prostate is a glandular organ, the size of a chestnut, which is laced with nerve endings. This gland is located below the bladder in men. The function of the prostate is based on the development of a secret, which falls into the seminal fluid. This implies that the secret component is sperm. And of course, he has a very important and necessary function in the male sexual activity.
Also, due to prostate man feels pleasure during orgasm, as mentioned above, it is riddled with nerve endings.
Prostatitis - is inflammation of the prostate. It is important to diagnose prostatitis early on, otherwise it can lead to irreversible consequences.Symptoms of prostatitis are as follows:

  •     man feels a sharp pain when urinating;
  •     after urinating, there is a feeling that the urine came out in full;
  •   The reason for this is prostatic pressure on the bladder. In the process of inflammation in humans can rise high temperature.
  •     loss of sexual desire.

Constant pain interfere with man is in an excited state, and inflammation of the prostate affects ejaculation - it may be premature. More you the opportunity to experience and inadequate erection. Prostate affects the vital function of sperm, so if the disease to run - possibly infertility, as the outcome.

Causes of prostatitis.Reasons in fact not so much, and it simplifies the process of prevention of this disease:

  •     Prostate enlargement that occurs in the course of violations of blood circulation. This may occur because of sedentary lifestyles of people or overweight.
  •     Getting an infection in the body through sexual intercourse. As already mentioned, you can afford to provide this disease when administered promiscuous. At least it is desirable to protect contraceptives.
  •     Also prostatitis occurs in men over 45 years. But this is nature, because at this age males decreased testosterone levels in the blood.

How to diagnose prostatitis?Definitely first need to see a doctor - urologist. You will be directed to the study of prostatic secretions to identify microbes that stimulate the prostate. This is done by collecting tests and other procedures. In addition, you may make parallel and renal ultrasound, take a blood test for HIV, biochemistry, complete blood count, urinary tract ultrasound, ultrasound of the prostate, as well as explore the process of urination.