Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring fatigue

Statistics disappointing: Problems with the thyroid gland in women occur much more frequently than men.
Blame hormonal fluctuations, constantly occurring in the female body (critical days, pregnancy or its termination, menopause). These hormonal "swing" can affect the thyroid gland, which produces vital hormones.
Women have a more subtle spiritual organization, so beat it stresses more on the female thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is an organ of first responders under any load on the body, including emotional. And women are always experiencing a deep and long.
Women tend to follow the figure, so often impoverish your diet. A thyroid gland to complete the work necessary vitamins and minerals.Changes in the thyroid gland are often found in the spring. During this period, we come to "summer time": our metabolism and hormone levels are adapted to higher temperatures, increased solar activity, changing diet. At the time of this restructuring, the ratio of hormones and enzymes in the body out of balance. Therefore, the thyroid gland to work in extreme conditions.
Unfortunately, the signs of disturbances in the thyroid gland are quite diverse and also mimic those of many other diseases.
This gland can not produce enough hormone (hypothyroidism), whereby the body is deprived of vital energy. With a lack of thyroid hormone person becomes sluggish, sleepy, apathetic, metabolism slows down, there is a set of weights.
There may also be overly active work of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), causing the body works hard. If elevated thyroid hormones, a person feels anxiety, sudden weight loss, suffering from insomnia, palpitations.
Changes in the thyroid gland is not the best way reflected on the exterior. Dry, dull skin or unhealthy redness on the face, circles under the eyes, hair, lost volume and shine, a layer of nails is often concerned more women than general changes being. Solving problems with the thyroid gland helps visibly rejuvenate, improve complexion and skin condition, stop hair loss, brittle nails to get rid of.