Tuesday, March 17, 2015


General Information
Its appearance indicates the malfunction still often associated with flat feet. Violation of muscle balance and may cause deflection cones and thumb. In this case the joint, which is associated with the thumb stops, bends in the outer part of the foot that is not associated with bone growth, and with it the wrong position. When a bunion can also be observed inflammation and pain in the fingers, especially the friction of shoes. A similar problem may occur on the other side of the foot, in the region of the little finger. If bursitis long passes and causes severe pain, injections of steroids or even surgery can solve the problem.
- Congenital deformity of the foot or toes;- Weak joints or other congenital disorders;- Wearing uncomfortable, tight shoes, especially with a sharp nose that makes your toes tightly pressed against each other;- Flat;- Diseases that lead to the destruction of the joints (eg, arthritis).Symptoms
In the event of a hard lump in the first phalanx of the big toe should pay attention to your shoes.
It is recommended to consult a doctor if you have:
- Deformed, crooked thumb;- Pain in inflammation of bursa (joint capsule around the joint or pouch filled with liquid);- Problems arise when wearing shoes;- On the cone having calluses.

- Purulent bursitis (inflammation of the bags);- Severe pain when walking.

What you can doChoose a comfortable, loose shoes with round or square face.Try to place your fingers between the clumps of cotton home wear special shoes with the separator between the thumb and second finger.
Place cones around any soft material (wool, gauze) or special pads to ease the friction of the surface of the shoe. These pads are sold in pharmacies.
Use special inserts for flat feet.
Consult your doctor if the pain prevents you from walking and does not pass.

What can a doctor
The physician must: cure complications, write the correct orthopedic shoes or special inserts for flat feet, recommend physiotherapy and painkillers. In severe cases, it is recommended to perform the surgery to remove the lump or straighten the toe.

Preventive measures
Always wear comfortable shoes. Avoid shoes with high heels, with a pointed nose....