Monday, June 15, 2015

How to eat for people with blood group II?

Scientists have proved that man originally had one blood group - the first, and eat mainly meat. In the process of changing lifestyle and diet are gradually emerging new group of people with blood. When a person has been actively engaged in agriculture and lead a sedentary life, appeared carriers of the second group of blood. Human blood vary according to used products. Hence the close relationship between food and blood group. Adhering to a diet corresponding to your blood group, you can significantly improve the metabolic processes and organize the work of all organs. Thus, consider the products that will be very useful for the human body with the second group of blood.
Useful Products
For carriers of the second group is characterized by continuity and a clear organization around. Weaknesses of the body's digestive system is fragile and weakened immune function. Diet for blood group II media provides almost complete vegetarianism. And vegetarian food is better to eat raw. Preference should be given to the following products:• Various vegetable oils. They have a beneficial effect on digestion and prevent the occurrence of edema.
• Soybean almost instantly absorbed by the body.• Preferring vegetables can improve metabolism, in particular, to adjust operation of the intestine.• Pineapple help burn extra calories, which in turn normalizes weight.From good to use olive oil and flaxseed. It is useful to include in the diet of nuts and seeds (peanuts, pumpkin seeds).If you take the beans, the following well-absorbed by the body: peas, green beans, lentils, beans and radiant color, soybeans, black beans.From grains and cereals are most useful buckwheat and amaranth.From flour treatment is considered pastries from germinated wheat seeds, cakes made from rice flour and all products made on the basis of soya flour. Very good every morning to drink a glass of water, which dissolved the juice of half a lemon. This method is perfectly relieves the body of mucus and stimulates the bowels. From drinks more useful pineapple juice, apricot, grapefruit, carrots, plums, cherries, celery.
From what foods should be discarded
For carriers of group II contraindicated all blood products which are made from whole milk. These include: butter, almost all varieties of cheese, whey, buttermilk and other. Because oil is not recommended to use cotton, corn and peanut. It should give up the following bakery products: hot muffins, pure rye bread and baking of wholemeal flour. From the diet should exclude the following vegetables: potatoes, olives, cabbage, hot peppers, green and yellow varieties of sweet peppers, zucchini (courgette). Of all harmful beverage based containing ethyl alcohol. From herbs to exclude the following: sorrel, rhubarb, catnip, corn silk, cayenne pepper. Adhering to a diet based on the nature of your blood, you can get rid of the extra kilos and significantly rejuvenate.