Monday, June 15, 2015

How to feed the people with first blood?

Each of us wants to have good health and attractive appearance at any age. To achieve these objectives have their secrets and guidance. Adhering to a special diet and having achieved positive results, we are happy to recommend a diet friend. But the human body is individual and what has come to you, can bring harm to another. Many scientists argue that by choosing for yourself diet of blood groups, can adjust their health.To this end, scientists have identified the following three groups of products:1. Having medicinal properties.2. Neutral products.
3. Harmful products.If we stick to the proposed diet specifically for your blood type, it is possible not only to achieve ideal weight, but also to extend their lives.
Holder first blood have increased acid content of the gastric juice, this factor contributes to excellent digestion of animal protein. The therapeutic effects on the body have the following products:• Sea kale, salt (iodized sure).• Meat red varieties, the liver.• Of the most useful vegetables kale, asparagus, spinach.

By the neutral products are: lamb, beef, variety is very oily fish, olive oil and flaxseed oil, prunes, walnuts, figs.
Harmful products are: milk products with a high fat content (not excluding virtually all varieties of cheese), wheat, beans, dark varieties, lentils, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, caviar, fish, meat goose.
For carriers of the first group of blood contraindicated the use of products with a high content of carbohydrates.Spirits also belongs to the category of hazardous substances (exception - dry wine).
As holders of group I eat the blood to lose weight?

In order to lose weight, people with this blood group, primarily need to speed up the metabolism. Establishing metabolism, we will ensure that the weight will quickly reduce.So, from the diet is necessary to remove all products from wheat, corn, beans and exclude. These products retain insulin, which in turn slows the process of metabolism. Inhibit metabolism of oat products and all kinds of cabbage (except broccoli).To effectively lose weight, need to be included in the diet of foods rich in iodine. Well, if the table will be regularly present seafood and greens (especially spinach, lettuce).Regular iodized salt must be replaced. And it prisalivaem ready meals in the form of a cooled down. Weight reduction will help to perfect the use of juice of radish, daikon, radishes, diluted in half with carrot juice.
Metabolic rate increase if eating red meats and liver. The essence of the diet for blood group is reduced to the use of products that will be better absorbed by the body. And the exclusion from the diet of the food, which is poorly absorbed, or even toxic, will bring unwanted metabolic products and develop the activity of all organs.