Monday, June 15, 2015

Milk is bad for a man?

Milk - the only product that the person eats from birth to old age. But it is also the most controversial (medically), the product of our food. Discussion about the beneficial and harmful to the human body properties of milk began in the nineteenth century, and it seems to never end. The composition of the milk of about 200 components! It contains all the essential amino acids and absorbed by the body by 96%. Globulin found in milk, protects us from infections. The milk contains vitamins A, E, D, K, B1, B2, B12, B6, PP, C. Milk fat contains the most valuable acid. Lactose positively stimulates the nervous system. Painting, at first glance, totally positive with this product. Then, because of which there is a dispute? In general, the part of physicians believe that milk is most useful just before the age of thirty. Why is that? For the reason that after this period, the body is less efficient enzyme which converts lactose. There is frequent bloating and digestion difficult, begins the "blockage" of the stomach, which results sometimes prolonged diarrhea. On such harmful properties of the organism - do not take milk in middle age and later - well known doctors in Asia, Africa, Southern Europe and Latin America. That there are major disputes over milk. Genome of the peoples living in these areas, "focused" on a selective attitude to the milk sugar. Lactose breaks down lactase enzyme. With age, this process begins to slow down. As a consequence - an upset stomach after taking milk. Doctors say that the milk can and should drink in middle and old age. But very carefully - in a very small amount every day. The peculiarity here is that milk can be replaced with a greater benefit to the organism yogurt. It contains all the useful elements of the original product, and is absorbed much better than the milk itself. It turns out that milk for consumption must be approached carefully. This is not some whim on the part of physicians, and the theme of their multi-year dispute. Especially pay attention to the consumption of milk should be the man. That is what is called the important reasons for this. Medical research in several countries proved that daily consumption of milk industry spill men (after appropriate treatment it) led to a significant increase in cancer of the prostate. In the areas where there is little or no dairy industry and food goes to buy milk from private owners, the number of such diseases remain without any changes. According to a number of respected medical scientists added to the feed ration of cows on large commercial farms hormone estrogen is precisely the cause of cancers of the genitourinary system in men. But this hormone is added to the feed in order to stimulate milk production in cows after the birth of a calf for a few months with the same high level of productivity. However, to use the private farm milk man, too, must treat with caution. It is in fact much fatter than buying in a store. Hence, it contains more cholesterol. Fat milk - more nutritious and therefore encourages weight gain. Especially with a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, many men with age bad stomach digests fat milk that turns his frustration. Of course, the above is not the ultimate truth. I just said that you can read on some medical sites. And whether or not to restrict themselves to the use of milk, then you have to decide for yourself, after consulting your doctor. It is he who will give you specific advice based on your age and the characteristics of the organism. In general, on the same site says that, on average, and an adult man can without harm to drink a glass of skim milk - and not every day, but, for example, every other day. But it is useful to be a glass of kefir or yogurt, which normalize intestinal function and do not load too genitourinary system.