Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to make your voice more beautiful?

Who has ever heard his voice in the recording, usually surprised - how he could ever be friends?
However, not all so tragic, because everything can change. Including voice.
The lower voice - so it is more pleasant. In addition, the lower - the more likely that the vote will not undergo distortion during recording. What do you harder, meaner, or irritation - the higher voice. Therefore, relax and kinder.
In examining ways to improve the voice you will learn the basic elements that form a beautiful voice. After that will be able to create their own methods to improve it suitable for you. But above all, remember: there is a voice in the back of the body, not just in the vocal cords. So strong and mobile iris is very important for a beautiful voice. Therefore, to develop a nice throaty voice that can spread over long distances, to breathe the diaphragm.
Voice quality:
1. The resonance of the voice gives confidence and strength. A beautiful voice is always vibrating and resonating. To do this, deep breathing diaphragm. The smaller volume of air involved in pronunciation - the higher voice. To make the voice lower, breathing diaphragm filling the lungs with plenty of air. Say "chug-chug" - in this case you should feel the vibration in the chest and throat, and not in the nose. Breathe in deeply, hold your breath and say, "Hooray!" - In breast should be repercussions. Press your fingers to the sternum and loudly say "Mumm-MUMM" - you have to feel the vibration. All this will help to understand the sources of resonance in the body.
2. Type of votes depends on the size of the cavities of the throat, chest and face, resonating during pronunciation. Determine the lowest type of voice, which is only possible for you. Remember that the lower is the source of the voice - the better, but it should be natural for you. For this uprites feet firmly on the floor, straighten up, the diaphragm should bend. The consequence will be that voice starts to come from lower power than the nasopharynx.
3. Pitch - is a result of the frequency of vibration of the larynx. Pitch eliminates monotone.
4. The volume is directly related to the volume of air in the lungs. In order for you to hear, we need not only the volume but also the resonance.
5. audibility does not depend on the volume and on the ability to use the principles of voice control.
6. Voice enables you to identify the voice, each person has an individual it.
7. Expression. For more expressive vividly imagine what say. Try to add emotion to experience what say "breathe" it. But avoid the artificiality and theatricality.

8. Tone characterized vibration modulation and height. In a beautiful voice are always subtle changes of tone. "Descent" and "downs" voices called intonations.

9. Pronunciation and articulation. You should have a clear and correct pronunciation without the "swallowing" of sound. Do not clench your teeth, it spoils the articulation. If you do so that your jaw is a little like "dropped", you will notice how much easier to pronounce words.
And finally, a simple but very effective advice on how to improve the quality of voices read aloud at least ten minutes a day, but better - as many as you can. And to be with you the beauty of the voice!