Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to eat during pregnancy?

Many women dream about motherhood, about the performance of their true feminine destiny. Some people God sends children easily, especially at a young couple or planning a pregnancy, somebody trying for a long time, investing in treatment, calculate the days of ovulation. But in any case, the pregnancy - is a miracle. Such a miracle, and that a woman's body works wonders.

Every woman, of course, the individual, and it is impossible to observe all the fair sex is absolutely the same pregnancy. Everything here is very unpredictable. Someone from the earliest days tormented toxicosis, someone he begins to disturb at a later date, as some lucky general are not familiar with it.
They differ in women and taste preferences during pregnancy. From some of the favorite foods before abruptly turned away, something as that seemed not very tasty yet, it seems quite edible. The body of a pregnant woman often signals to her about what it lacks: some vitamins and substances of macro- and micronutrients, hence there is a desire to eat this or that product.
Experienced doctors recommend getting all the necessary vitamins mostly from natural products, which means that every pregnant woman should try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, of course, those that do not cause allergies.
From potatoes is better to give - it contains a lot of starch and calories, it is better to eat potatoes instead of pasta (preferably from durum wheat).
Pregnant women should eat often, but small portions. It is best to have a snack every two hours. So it's not a feeling of hunger and will avoid overeating.
The diet is required to include more dairy products. Each evening is recommended to drink kefir, but note, yogurt should be fresh! Only fresh yogurt helps digestion and cleanse the intestines, but the stale, on the contrary, has fixing properties.

Throughout the pregnancy is recommended to use Iodomarin. Normally, to obtain 200 mg of iodine daily. But unfortunately, most often not possible to obtain an amount of iodine from natural products, so Iodomarin one tablet per day will be very helpful in the diet of pregnant women.Of course, to eat better foods, steamed, boiled or baked and fried, fatty, salty and smoked should be avoided.Useful during pregnancy saltwater fish, buckwheat, beets, dried fruits. Since many women face such a nuisance as constipation, the consumption of prunes, beets, fresh yogurt will help to cope with this problem.An important component of the diet of pregnant women is also calcium, it also requires a large amount, because it is involved in the formation of the new man and his lack of a woman's body can lead to problems with your teeth, nails and hair. A disturbing symptom of lack of calcium in the body are nocturnal seizures if you have night driving legs, then your body does not have enough of this important element. Get it best from natural products, too, so it is desirable to have breakfast every morning cheese, have cheese sandwiches (low-fat), eat more dairy products.
It is a mistake during pregnancy start eating for two, it is better to eat more often, but small portions and do more diverse and rewarding your diet.Pregnancy - is not a disease, there's no need to feel sorry for yourself and indulge, do not relax all day and something to chew on, and reducing motor activity. Walking in the fresh air is very helpful! More walk, breathe, get positive emotions, listen to soft music, tune in to a healthy lifestyle and easy delivery. Try to eat less starchy foods and sweets. But if you really really want sweet, eat candy, candy, honey. The more weight you gain, the more difficult it is to give birth, and then dump the excess weight. Besides overweight and high weight gain can lead to premature delivery. Take care of yourself! And enjoy yourself and your baby, who also wants his mommy was slender, beautiful and healthy.